Friday, September 26, 2014

Oranges and some Skywatching on Friday

I'll share the post with Orange You Glad It's Friday and Skywatch Friday.   The latter begins with the 6th photo.  All the pictures were taken yesterday.  
Orange You Glad It's Friday Photos
When we arrived at Harrison Galleries in the afternoon, some new paintings appeared and others had been rearranged.  This one, titled Rough NYC Taxi was one of the ones I hadn't seen before.  It is by OLAF.
Sometimes, on busy days at the gallery café, we sit at an out-of-the-way table facing the wall.  Yesterday, three paintings were leaning against that wall, where usually, there is just the one you see in the right hand corner.  It was an in-your-face exposure to art and really invigorating to sit with our crossword puzzle and our treats as the warm colours flooded over us.  The cup on the left and the chairs at the bottom right are also by OLAF. The one at the top right is by Victoria Block.
This one satisfies both the orange and the sky themes and was one we hadn't seen before.  I think it is by Drew Keilback.
And three favourites stacked against each other.  The Iris is by Don Berger, the Solo Rider (red canoe) is another of OLAF's and the apple is part of a much larger painting by Kiff Holland .  We love going to Harrison's!
The next photo was taken at Jericho Beach where we cycled after leaving the gallery.  Bill noticed this tree right away.  My photo isn't the best, but the tree was the brightest one around and I think it would appreciate being included with the other oranges in our day.
Skywatch Friday Photos
Rain felt imminent but we managed to stay in front of the showers as we rode our bikes along Vancouver's newest bike path to Jericho.  We stopped along the way at Kits Beach
Black Jack waited, feet draped over the edge of her basket, while we admired..
the weather vane known as..
The Wind Swimmer.
It was built in 1996..
by Doug Taylor.  I have admired it for quite a few years, and yesterday, I loved the way it moved gently with the wind against a blue and white sky.
Jericho was as beautiful as ever.  It is a bit longer ride than the norm for us, so always..
a treat when we make it there.  This was the view over the pond.
We saw very few critters except for rabbits and Mallards.  I am saving most of those photos for Eileen's critter post tomorrow.  Here is one rabbit whose white nose caught my eye.
Back to the skies and layered mountains here. 
We could hear lots of frogs and birds around us, but it was another of those days when we couldn't seem to spot them.  Bill tried his best to help me out, walking to the edge of the pond to try to locate the owner of one particularly loud croaking voice.  Though the focus was very soft, I love this shot of him as he climbs back up to the path.
I took a few reflection shots..
in the pond..
before the sky colours  took on some pinks and oranges.
The light through the trees..
as well as behind.. 
and over them..
changed from second to second, and we soon turned our bike lights on for the ride home.  We arrived just before the rain began; I'd call that great timing :)  Take a look at the two memes if you possibly can, to see lots of oranges and lots of amazing skies from all over the planet.  Many thanks to the hardworking hosts to keep those memes running so successfully. And, many thanks to you for stopping by here on your way!


  1. beautiful skies! lovely layers. wonderful art. and always cute black jack, although she's got competition in that bunny. :)

  2. Wonderful series of your bike ride views.

  3. Wonderful, eclectic collection!! I especially liked the paintings.