Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Letter I - round 15

ABC Wednesday is celebrating the letter "I" this week.  Thank you, Mrs. Nesbitt, for initiating a fine meme that brings people together from across the world.  Thank you, also, to a team of illustrious volunteers who give of their time and energy to carry the meme forward and into its 15th round.

My new-to-me words, found at the Unusual Words that Begin with "I" site, are:
infandous - unmentionable
illutation - mud bath
implex - involved, complex 
iotacism - excessive use of the letter I (that one made me smile)
irenology - the study of peace
indumentum - total body covering of hair, fur or feathers

The new letter each week roams around in my head a little, as I let my imagination bring words to the front of my brain in a sort of free-association exercise. I have to admit that, with terribly disturbing news stories, the word that kept coming to my mind was not one that deserves blog space.  In fact, it is infandous.  I won't write it here or mention it again, except to say that irenology becomes all the more important in its light.   

Here is a run-down of our day yesterday, as seen with a focus on the letter "I" that hopefully avoids iotacism, in spite of my indeterminate understanding of where that limit lies.

Our almost-daily visit to Harrison Galleries led to some interesting information.  Long ago, I had written a post about four cats.  We learned that one of the cats blogged about lives a very good life with the Harrison family.  How impressive a coincidence!  Here is a repeat photo of the cat we now know was originally named Zephyr, though she has since earned a variety of more colourful names as her personality has made itself known.
When we left Harrison's, I huffed and puffed up many hills, trying to keep up with Bill, as he led me on an invigorating ride along the Coal Harbour bike route.  The resident heron of a favourite pond was sitting high in a tree.  We have seen him/her so many times, I think it is time to impart a name..  perhaps "Hal" would be good.  We could change it to "Hali" if s/he turns out to be female.
Hal appeared sleepy or shy..  I'm not sure which.  This would surely be an example of indumentum (total body covering of feathers). 
Whether sleepy or shy, Hal nevertheless could be alerted at an infinitesimal iota of a second's notice for action in the sky.
Then, it was right back to snoozing after that brief interlude.
"Whatcha' inspecting, Bill?"
"Look up there!"
(Bill indicated the direction where Hal sat.)  
"Where?  In your pocket?  A treat?"
"No, no..  wa-a-y up there.  Hal is watching you!"
"I find it most irksome that you notice anyone that does not include moi!"
Actually, I was trying to integrate Bill and Hal into the same photo, no small feat,
given that I was limited to my 300 mm lens.  I hope these images don't make you dizzy.
Here's a non-inverted one of Hal just to bring you back to earth, before..
up-ending your perspective again with this pond reflection.  I've always loved that building at the corner of Chilco and West Georgia.  A little search this morning turned up some fascinating info about that building that you can read here.
This elephant leaf in the final stages of decay inspired my final image by the pond.. 
before I investigated some of the action along the bike route.  I barely caught this fellow with his dog..
all cozy and comfortable in the wagon adapted for his/her individual tastes.
Black Jack considered the possibility of an illutation (mud bath) but..
in the end, preferred to immerse (dip into water) before realizing those shimmering images were not alive.
I took a moment to capture one of my favourite scenes, that includes a favourite tree..
that Bill and I came to know intimately a few weeks ago when we climbed onto it.
When I returned to Bill, he was completely involved in the crossword puzzle we had begun at Harrison's. I contributed one word (scow) to the many that he had figured out before I arrived, so it seems the interconnection of our brains works well for crosswords.
Hal continued to observe, or perhaps ignore..
the passers-by..
while I identified the only small bird for miles around, a white-crowned sparrow..
who was investigating life from the top of a red fence.
I wonder what all of the birds thought as Black Jack's irruent (rushing, moving quickly) antics
invariably  brought Bill to the same action, whether she was running towards..
or away from him.  Whatever they thought, they couldn't deny her initiative and..
enthusiasm were incomparable.
With the incandescent light..
illuminating everything in its path, 
we left the pond, only to stop shortly afterwards when the inviting sound..
of this guitarist turned out to be irresistible.  We learned his name is..
David Akselrod, and if you would like to hear him for yourself, 
you can either check out the addresses below, or listen to him improvising in this youtube video of a performance at Granville Island.
That concluded our stopover.  Black Jack inquired politely whether it would perhaps be..
time to investigate the idyllic surroundings, or perhaps, she was simply feeling impatient for her supper.  Hopefully, you haven't found the iotacism (excessive use of the letter I) here too implex (complicated, involved) and will now find the time to visit ABC Wednesday for many more inventive ways to celebrate that letter.  Thank you so much for stopping by! 


  1. love the sparrow and hal, too. not even gonna try to learn those i words. :) cute cat!

  2. Looks a very cosy bike basket. Heron in trees always fascinate me, they seem to defy gravity.

  3. I've never seen anything quite like your favorite tree!! It is intriguing to say the least. I know why you and Bill stay so fit---what a wonderful way to spend your days.

  4. Nobody comes up with weird words like you do!

  5. You amaze me!! where do you come up with these words. Loved the pictures too.

  6. as always, an eclectic, idyllic series of photos. I approve of the bike helmet!

  7. Oh that cat is amazing! What a great post!

  8. I had a good time pretending to be alongside you as you went through you day. Irenology makes me think of Irene Dunne. I would've thought the study of peace would've been something like paxology. I