Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Saturday's Critters" and a Happy Visit

It rained quite steadily yesterday, and though I had my camera out to record a visit from Bill's sister, Phyllis, and her dear grandson (our great-nephew), critter shots were few and far between.  I didn't even take a photo of Black Jack, though you can see her in her basket if you look one post back.  The photos to share with Eileen's Saturday's Critters (thank you so much, Eileen!) were taken on Thursday.  First, dear Tupper, who has visited most days lately.  The shot was taken through the window, and isn't the clearest, but I caught her in the act of shaking her leg out.  Did you ever take a gym class, and at the end, the instructor asked you to shake out your hands and your feet?  It looked like that..  I don't think there was anything concerning as she walked normally later in the day when she approached for treats, but I hadn't seen her do that before. 
Her defining characteristic, the tail that points upward, seems to be changing lately.  It is still quite distinctive, but a lot shorter.  I wonder if she will one day look like all the other seagulls.
Our bike ride on Thursday to Jericho Beach yielded very few critters, but I found it interesting that this mallard did the exact same leg-shake that I had seen Tupper do earlier in the day.
The Jericho bunny population hasn't dwindled at all.  They were everywhere!  Black ones, white ones, brown ones, and just about every shade in between.  People have been releasing pet rabbits at Jericho for as long as I've been in Vancouver.  I'm sad that people would ever consider releasing a pet that has to figure out the reality of nature's laws very quickly or pay a dear price.  There are owls, eagles, hawks and coyotes in the area, not to mention the dogs that some pet owners allow to run free. That said, many of the rabbits survive and even thrive.  Park management has left a maze of blackberry bushes that most dogs avoid because of sharp thorns.  There are a couple of people who go regularly with what seems to be a good variety of rabbit food, and I often see parents and children offering veggies and other treats.  On Thursday, I followed the antics of this white-nosed cutie.
Some of the running appeared to be play, but there were also races..
to make it to the gift-bearing humans..
Mm..  delicious!
Don't forget me!
Thanks!  Gotta go now.
Wonder if there are any leftovers...
The pond had so little water in it, the ducks mostly waddled or sat, sleeping on branches.
This male nonchalently climbed up beside the female. 
Wanna be friends?
As long as you behave yourself.
There you have my rather humble collection of critter photos for the day.  For lots more, hop on over to Eileen's meme.  It is an exciting one, with just about every variety of critter you could possibly imagine from many corners of the world.  Thanks, again, Eileen, for your efforts to bring critter-lovers together each week.

The Visit
We always have fun with Phyllis and M.  Here they are on the aquabus to Granville Island.  Lots of rain droplets peeked in the window behind them. 
M saved his best smile for just after he thought the camera was turned off.  I had to be quick to catch this "I think I tricked her" expression.  (He has a great sense of humour.)
The pumpkins in The Farmers' Market were almost as big as M!
We also visited the Kids Market.  I was perhaps even more excited than M when I looked up to the ceiling and spotted Pinocchio.  I've just learned from the link that that story goes back to 1883.  Wow!  So glad to see he is still alive and well!  Speaking of stories that have endured the test of time, Phyllis and I both had senior moments when we couldn't remember the author of The Wind in the Willows.  Actually, I am embarrassed to admit I thought it was written by a woman.  Nope.  Just to confirm for anyone else who may have forgotten, that story was written in 1908 by Kenneth Grahame, and it is the perfect day to remember it, as many fine critter characters (mole, rat, badger, otter, weasel, squirrels, rabbits, stoats, ferrets, foxes) appear in it.  Thanks, Phyllis, for inspiring a little learning this morning :)
M rode the boat to China (he informed us it would be quite a long trip),
and expounded on a couple of life theories..
before we walked across the road to see if we could spot any seals.  No seals, but an equally fascinating sight was there for the taking for those willing to look wa-a-ay up..
to the underside of the Granville Bridge.
Fascinating, I tell you!
After that, we walked along the dock, where a few flowers caught my eye.
M danced a little jig..
while I caught these roses..
and then we were back on the boat for the ride home.  As we traveled past the concrete plant, I was proud to point out Vancouver's latest mural, Giants, by Osgemeos.  
Art that beautifies an industrial location seems especially appreciated!
The excellent photo below by Roaming the Planet gives a perspective that shows the vibrancy brought to False Creek by Vancouver's first ever 360-degree mural.
As we sat on the boat, I couldn't resist this family shot of Bill, his sister, Phyllis..
and dear little M.  I am grateful that they make time to visit us whenever they can!
And, last evening, as the rain abated, three shots of some beautiful red roses that..
made me think of Haley, a young girl who is facing some health challenges with courage.
You can see a beautiful picture of her at the end of this post.  My thoughts are with her so often.  I hope she is continuing to improve.
That concludes the post for today.  Many thanks for stopping by and a very happy Saturday to you and yours!


  1. such a cute little boy! tupper seems to be going thru an autumn molt. it would be sad if she lost her 'tup'. :)

  2. The bunnies are cute, but I don't think pets should be released into the wild.

  3. From the photo you all look as if you had a great day out however I do think it irresponisble of people to release pet rabbits into a wild environment.

  4. Thanks for your thoughts of Hayley. She had surgery on Wednesday had about 6 inches of her colon removed and some valve not sure what and while they were at it they decided to take her appendix out! She was quite sedated for a couple of days but the news is that she was able to walk a short way down the hall and is becoming more alert -- that is texting her friends -- so that is a good sign. we will go down to see her one day next week if she is feeling up to it.
    I love all your pictures. Bill's nephew is a handsome young man1

  5. Hello Carol. what a great outing. I love the gulls and the adorable bunnies. And the little boy has the sweetest smile, what a cutie! Wonderful post! Thank you for linking up, enjoy your weekend!

  6. Dear Carol and Bill,

    We are Mckenzie and Mimosa, you are the heart and soul of yaletown! Really!!!
    We saw a lot of ups and downs at Yaletown, reading your blog.....
    All the smile ( es ) and happiness that enrich my day when I visit your blog.....
    Silly Jimmy, he want to built a BLOG like yours, keep dreaming....But Jimmy believe in dreams....ssss sss.....zzz zzz zzz....

    So he make this little silly blog Slowmotionpomeranian ....

    As you say, Blog friends and neighbors of Yaletown

  7. Fabulous shots! Love the rabbits! That baby boy is so sweet!

  8. M loved the pictures you took and, of course , his parents and grandma are more than delighted. I love the exuberance as M dances along the boardwalk after Bill! Little children are such good reminders that we all need to fill every day with song, dance, questions, stories etc! You captured our visit so well!! As a long term bunny owner I am horrified by people who release domestic bunnies and am glad that people do feed them. I will be thinking of Hayley as she recovers from her operation. Hugs, Phyllis