Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our World Yesterday

I'll link up with Our World Tuesday today, the meme started by the late Klaus Peter over three years ago, and faithfully maintained by volunteers since his passing.  Many thanks to the current hosts, ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy and Jennifer for taking time each week to visit our blogs and encourage all of us to share our worlds.

We rode our bikes to Hinge Park in Olympic Village yesterday.  It is one of the best places for Black Jack to run.  I thought it would be fun to change the game up just a little.  Usually, she runs directly from Bill to me and back again. 
 A side view like this was what I hoped to capture, but I had to enlist Bill's help.
 "Just run around the field, Bill."  (Easy for me to say.)  
 Bill, as Fun60 has noted several times, is a good sport and Black Jack was game.
 I love when her back feet pass the front ones.
I enjoyed this new game, and I'm sure Black Jack approved.  What do you think, Bill?
I took a moment to look at the geese in False Creek before we got back on our bikes.
As I probably mention too often, it seems to me that the more common birds are under-appreciated.  The wings of geese..
are exceptionally powerful, making them among the most beautiful flyers.
I always love the opportunity to see the wing details at close range.
Some new white berries are appearing in the hedges around the park.  A quick search suggests they may be dogwood berries, but do correct me if I'm mistaken.
While I was checking out the geese and the berries, Bill had a moment to rest up from his run.  Do you see the crow?  Earlier, we had met a fellow in a wheelchair just as he was giving it some food.  We talked with him for a couple of minutes.  It is always good to meet other people who like crows.  
We have ridden by this garden many times.  I called out to Bill as he rode in front of me that the flowers were gorgeous.  "Do you want to stop?" he called back to me.  "I don't think so," I replied.  Bill stopped anyway.  He reads my mind, no matter what I say.  :)
The garden is huge.  I took just a few sections of it with my 300 mm lens.  (Still waiting for the return of the smaller one being repaired.
The larger lens works very well for close-ups.
Such a variety of colours and shapes.
I think this was my favourite shot,
though I also loved this one because of the little cups..
 at the base of each petal.
The stripes in these..
and the delicacy of each individual petal..
in these were just a few of the reasons it took us a while to get back on our bikes.
Bill was holding my bike steady with Black Jack in her basket right beside this delicate leaf that was in the last stages of decay.  It seemed so fragile, but when I picked it up and placed it on the bench, it held together amazingly well.
The light was coming across False Creek, and it was Bill who wondered if I could capture the leaf with a background of water.  I wasn't able to manage that myself, but we figured out a way for Bill to hold the leaf and still keep Black Jack steady in her basket.  What appeared..
then was an example of bokeh and we both thought that was pretty neat.
Before leaving, I placed the leaf in what I hoped would be a comfortable place for it to finish the decaying process.  It seems like such a small thing, but that leaf brought much pleasure.
Our next stop was by the Love Your Bean art that I blogged about in this post when some children climbed all over the "jelly beans" in a rather competitive manner.  We had noted that most were ignoring the sign asking people not to climb on the art.  I guess someone, perhaps worried about liability, decided it was time to enforce that request.
The dogs didn't worry about the art.  
They were too busy with their own agenda.  There's probably a great dialogue..
that could accompany these photos, 
but I'll have to leave that to your imagination..
as I'm just about out of time this morning.
I will say that this..
little Dachshund was about as cute..
as any little dog (except Black Jack).. could be.
Our next stop was at Granville Island, where I took reflection shots under the ramp..
that took us to the aquabus for our boat ride home.  Another good day.  Thanks for letting me share it with you and with the many people from across the world who are hoping you will stop by Our World Tuesday to share in their days as well.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!


  1. cute and happy pups. laughed at bill and black jack running sprints. :) lovely garden!

  2. The goose in the sand with the winds spread up - great capture! And the flowers you saw on the way, and of course your hubby playing with the dog!

  3. I really do like the tattered leaf when the water and light shines through. What is left of the leaf and the empty spaces in between transforms it into such a pretty and random pattern.

  4. Always such wonderful photographs. The geese are especially spectacular. I love it when Black Jack's back feet pass her front feet too. I've never seen such enthusiasm for exercise and speed.