Thursday, November 6, 2014

A few fences and rainy day sights

This is the second time I have submitted a Bill Schwarz oil-on-panel for Theresa's Good Fences meme.  This one is called "Howard" and one of the things about it that I would love to know is how it came by that name.  I took the photo in Harrison Galleries a couple of days ago.  The roller coaster walkway that travels by otherwise unconnected buildings is one of the features that intrigue me.  Bill Schwarz carries on an active law practice in Cambridge, Ontario.  His bio includes this quote: "I feel that my art is a quest to find a balance between the detail I am trained to find and the simplicity I want to achieve."
I took these shots two days ago, showing a fence on our street.  The photo on the left looks up the street and the one on the right looks back towards the building we live in.

Here are a few up close and personal views of that fence.

 One more photo taken that morning.  This netting contains some hedges behind the fence.  I loved the way the falling leaves from nearby trees settled in and around it.
It was yet another rainy day in Vancouver yesterday, the kind of day that seems just fine for the geese that feasted in the grass alongside the bike route. 
"I wonder if there's better grass at The Concord." 
 Geese seem to form a "V" even on land.
 Not the best of photos, but it does give a sense of the waterproofing provided by nature.
Black Jack needed a little help with waterproofing so I wrapped my old bike jacket over her winter coat.  She stayed pretty cozy and the reflective stripe was perfect for the parts of our route that take us into traffic.  
 Bill had had just about enough rain, thank you, and we decided at this point to head straight to Harrison Galleries for some warmth, good cheer and delicious treats.  Note that his choice of colour for his new bike jacket is right in fashion :) and his..
sense of humour is alive and well as he ponders how to fit his cycling glasses on Black Jack.
Some fences are coming back into view here.  Science World is directly across from the bike route.  We didn't meet many cyclists.  One advantage of rainy weather is that we encounter very little congestion these days.  I smiled when this fellow passed by.  Something told me he, too, had had just about enough rain.
I am envious of all who ride "no hands"  with what seems to be the greatest of ease.  One day, we saw a fellow "ride" by, standing on the bicycle seat and steering with his toes.  It was the second time I had seen him.  I hope one day to get a photo.
 Bill reminded me that I should take a couple of photos of the Sun Tower building (green roof) and the Woodward's Building.  They are downtown, and on the other side of the (fenced) autoroute.  You can barely make out the Orange of the Woodward's sign as it revolves since I caught it in a side view.  I think its reflection shows up on two buildings, though.  That's kind of neat :)
 I zoomed in a little more here, and caught it facing us. 
Not the most beautiful fences ever posted on this meme, but very necessary ones.  Though I love the Woodward's sign, I'm happy we don't live under its light.
Here's a closer look at the Sun Tower.  I was rather surprised that with cropping, a couple of people can be seen working in offices.  It looks a bit dismal in this view.  Perhaps it is tired of the rain too.  Do fire escape fences count?  Yes, I think so :) 
Even in the rain, a few reflection shots..
 appeared as I looked across False Creek.  
The blue is coming from the Casino that we often pass by.  Neither of us are gamblers, but we do appreciate its washrooms :)  And on that note, I will wrap up today's post.  Many thanks to Theresa for hosting a meme that makes us see our world from a slightly different angle.  And, thanks to you for stopping by to share in our day.  Whatever the weather, a very happy Thursday to you!  


  1. The red leaves among the green ones looks beautiful!

  2. neat sun tower! black jack is adorable in your rain jacket. :) and i loved the leaves strewn on the walkway and caught in the fencing. thanks, carol (bill and black jack, too!)

  3. Love the fallen autumn leaves and the different fences and of course Black Jack

  4. Hello Carol, I just love all the red leaves . It must have been beautiful in person.. Black Jack looks cute in her rain gear.. Wonderful post and photos. Have a happy weekend!

  5. Once again some great fences. Love the red leaves you captured on the fenceline and the different angles. Also that big W was rather cool as well as the Sun Tower. Jack is always fun to see and I'm sick of rain too.

  6. I love those autumn leaves!! Have a great weekend Carol :)

  7. Love the red leaves on the fence!