Sunday, November 2, 2014

Two Vancouver Parks

Before reading the post, I am leaving this question up for another couple of days, for those who live in British Columbia. Do you appreciate Halloween fireworks (whistle, sizzle and lights) and firecrackers (very loud bangs)? A comment would be great, but if you have no time for long explanations, a simple "yes" if you like them and "no" if you wish they were banned would be much appreciated.  

A cluster of trees in David Lam Park still wore Autumn colours yesterday, 
as did a couple of trees on our street.  Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City seemed.. 
the perfect place to preserve those warm hues.  Today's rain will take a bit of a toll on them.
The tree directly in front of our balcony hasn't a single leaf remaining.  I love that tree.  In the summer, its leaves give us shade, and in the winter, we enjoy our view.. 
through its branches of False Creek where you can (sort of) see the ferry dock.
When the leaves fall, I also get to see some of the lbb's (mostly finches and sparrows) that.. 
have been singing up a storm..
 all summer long.
With or without leaves, the tree brings us much pleasure.
As I looked past "our" tree in a different direction, another cluster of colour reminded me of the individual foliage schedules for each tree.  
 A spider web attached to the balcony roof caught the sunlight, though no spider or trapped..
inhabitants were present.  I loved the complex details in the zoomed-in section below.  Bill was talking about trigonometry yesterday (a subject I did not take in high school), and that came back to me this morning as I looked at my photo.  I did some searching too.  Here's a great flickrhivemind site with amazing pictures tying trigonometry, art and architecture together.  Thanks, Bill, for stimulating a part of my brain that is usually rather dormant!
Later in the afternoon, we left for our bicycle ride.  The sun, by that time, was playing games with us.  As we stood with our bikes in the lane behind our building, Bill commented on the way the light caught the trees in front of us.  It was magical; that tree in the middle seemed to have little golden droplets hanging from its branches, but you will have to use your imagination, as the light was gone in the few seconds it took to pull my camera out.
"What's the plan?" asked Bill, as we headed out.  "I'll follow you.  Surprise me," I answered.  And he did.  We ended up at  Andy Livingstone Park, one we haven't visited for months.
While Bill and Black Jack..
explored every nook and cranny, 
I checked out the pond, 
but truthfully, my favourite entertainment..
was watching their antics.
Black Jack is absolutely the best dog for making sure every inch of the space..
around her is fully investigated.  And Bill is the best enabler of her explorations!
It's a beautifully laid out park,
with a wide variety of plants and trees, 
and a pretty good workout can be had if you follow Black Jack :)
There were some fun photo-ops around the pond,
and I played a bit, as usual, with..
but as already pointed out, 
my favourite shots had a spot of bright red..
attached to a brown-coated bundle of energy.
I guess by now..
you will feel..
almost as familiar with David Livingstone Park,
as Bill and Black Jack are.
Thanks so much for coming along with us.
And just to tie in a little more of my new triangle awareness, I'll leave you with this topsy-turvy shot.  Many thanks to Unknown Mami (a.k.a. Claudya) for hosting Sundays in my City and, many thanks to you for stopping by.  I hope you are having a happy and peaceful day! 


  1. nice autumn colors - and just warm enough for bill to stay in short pants. :)

  2. Happy Sunday, Carol. looks like another fun day for you, Bill and BlackJack! I love the colors, it is nice to still see the leaves on the trees. It has been windy here this weekend and a lot of leaves are fallen already.. Love the reflections of the grasses too. Lovely series and post.. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  3. I love the last shot and I love that you go out for bike rides all the time! There's one tree down the street from me that the dogs and I walk past that is still blaze-orange and I love it, too!

  4. Thank you for the romp around David Livingstone Park with two of your favourite beings! I must confess that I am very anti fireworks because of the noise and the pollution. I would prefer to cancel all displays even the ones attached to music which are so popular in Vancouver. Phyllis

  5. I love tagging along on your adventures. I love the colors of the leaves and then the contrast of the images of bare trees with birds in them.