Monday, November 10, 2014

Some subtle and some humorous Blues

It is Monday, the sun is shining and I'm joining Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme.  Many thanks, Sally, for providing a place to share our blues.  The ones I saw yesterday were subtle and often in the background, like this marvellous sky in H.M. Saffer's oil painting at Harrison Galleries.  It is titled "Marilyn's View" and you can find out more about it here.
I always notice paintings hung in the windows of the gallery, and yesterday, photographed these next three from the street just after leaving.  This one, titled Rohanna, is by Bill Schwarz (I posted another of his this past Thursday).  
This one, by Paula Blackwell, has subtle blues filled with light.  She uses a torch to fuse "luminous layers" of beeswax and pigment, one over the other, "in hopes of realizing a mere fraction of what nature has to offer" in her art.   
This last one, titled Crystal Cove, is by William Meire.  His words on the Harrison web site left a deep impression: "Striving for Artistic mastery is the one and only path for me in this life. I am a father, a son and a friend but without my painting, I execute none of these other personages well. If there is a day when I don't draw or paint, I feel deficient; as if I forgot to do something very important. I believe that I've been given a chance in my life to do this one thing well. I'm here to create works of art; to paint each day as if it is my last."
These lights are hanging along a patio roof of a restaurant we've never tried but we lock our bikes in front of it, just across from the gallery. 
I hadn't noticed them before as it is usually still light out when we leave, but last night they showed up as darkness approached.  The surprise was how the windows caught the remaining blue in the sky, now brightened by city lights.
We rode our bikes along False Creek and just past the Burrard Bridge to the point where the creek empties into the ocean.  We didn't stay there very long.  Vancouver is getting a lot cooler these past couple of days.  But, looking behind us, I noticed that city lights were still bringing out some blue in the sky.   
Ahead of us, the light of the fill-up station brought out blue water and a False Creek Ferry in silhouette.
Only the barest hint of blue at the top of this shot.  I heard geese and caught a few of them just before they landed against the last pink glow of the day.
It was fully dark as we headed homeward, stopping just once for Black Jack to have a run.
In the evening Bill read about half of a story by P.G.Wodehouse to me.  We are 75% through Right Ho, Jeeves, and though we've enjoyed it, are finding now that his characters and plots are very predictable.  Black Jack loves our reading time.  She also loves being wrapped up in something cozy and soft, so I put a blue top..  thanks, Sherrill :)  ..around her just for Sally.  
Bill put the top on his head and sported upside down glasses and then we laughed and laughed.  I love that never-afraid-to-be-goofy side of him so very much. 
That was our day with a few blue highlights.  My thanks to you for stopping by, and once more, to Sally, for bringing the colour blue to us from around the world.


  1. Hi Carol,

    Bill brings a great deal of joy to your life; I can see that. Black Jack does her part too. I enjoyed the blues you brought today. I especially like the William Meire painting. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  2. bill is too cute. so is black jack. i like that artist who does the city/wonky looking paintings. :)

  3. The painting of Crystal Cove is very pretty, but if I were painting it I would have been tempted to leave out the telegraph poles and wires. Yet in actual fact they really add to the painting, making it more realistic and not just another beach. I love the one of the higgledy piggledy houses! There must be a name for this style of painting. But most of all I love the cuddly blue-blanketed Black Jack. I hate to use that over-worked word, but adorable she is!

  4. Nice art! Great blues and lots of fun here. Thank you for sharing