Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Beautiful Vancouver lives up to its rainy reputation.

Our World Tuesday is the meme of choice today.  Started over three years ago by Klaus Peters, loyal volunteers have kept it running very successfully since his passing.  The current team is doing an admirable job of bringing posters from around the world together.  My heartfelt thanks are extended to ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandy, and Jennifer.  

Yesterday was one of those days when we especially appreciated Harrison Galleries.  It wasn't just the art, though I did enjoy these lovely flowers, noticed for the first time.  I think they may be Paula Blackwell's work, done in beeswax and pigment, but must confirm that. 
But, it was more than the art, more than the delicious treats, and more than the welcoming staff that kept us there yesterday for an extended period of time.  You see, even our crossword had been completed.  Yes, you guessed it.  The pièce de résistance was that we were cozy and dry.  
 As we looked out the front door, we saw the rain pelting down..
 and rising up from the tires..
 that made their way up the street in rush-hour traffic..
 through driving rain. 
 Our new bike jackets work very well, but not that well.  Black Jack thought about helping Bill to unscramble some words.  Together, they solved GOLIO (I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post), DILUF, and VIRLDE (I hope this post doesn't feel like that word to you), but we were stumped on SHONEC (we cheated when we got home).
 Black Jack tired rather quickly of the puzzle, 
 so Bill gave her a beautiful head massage.
 I was looking around for things to photograph and Bill pointed out this beautiful table.
 I loved the way Black Jack and Bill wrapped their "paws" around each other but my 300 mm lens made that capture just about impossible.  Shortly after this photo, the rain let up and we were on our way.  Our short ride home was fun, our reading after supper (P.G. Wodehouse) full of humour (Here's my favourite quote: "And so the merry party began.  It was one of those jolly, happy, bread-crumbling parties where you cough twice before you speak, and then decide not to say it at all."), and all in all, we felt rather proud of ourselves.  A very wet day not only survived but enjoyed.  
 This morning, the birds are singing, 
many leaves have fallen (I had to be quick to get this shot ahead of the dreaded leaf-blower),
 and best of all, I managed a few shots..
 of this flicker that has been avoiding my camera..
 while tantalizing me with loud calls for days.
 One day, I'll manage to get an open-winged shot so that his tail can be properly celebrated.
 This lone leaf, suspended on the thinnest of threads (spider web, perhaps),
looked pretty neat as well when I stepped to the side to show it against a brick wall.
I'll leave you with..
 a few more leaves.
 And a beautifully camouflaged House Finch..
 that appeared to be enjoying quite a feast. 
 As you can see, there are still a few leaves on our street,  
 but we had better enjoy them today :)  Have a wonderful Tuesday.  Many thanks for stopping by and many thanks, again, to the Our World Tuesday hosts.

Oh.. and the answers to the puzzle are: IGLOO, DRIVEL, FLUID and CHOSEN   


  1. loved the leaf carpets! loved the pretty flicker! and great rain shots, too!

  2. Yes those rainy Vancouver days. I remember them so well as we biked up to UBC for our daily swim in the pool at the Aquatic Centre or close by in the summer at Kitts Pool.
    I got that feeling back Carol as I looked through your post. Thanks....those were the best of times.
    You both look and sound so well! Black Jack too, even if she gets tired of those puzzles!
    Great shots of the Flicker.
    Stay dry!

  3. Hello Carol, the rain really was coming down. I love the Flicker shots and the beautiful leaves.. And of course Black Jack is always a favorite.. Wonderful photos, enjoy your evening..

  4. Sometimes when we are out in the cold the rain does not feel cozy at all … until a colorful umbrella flashes by or a lamplight, in the darker months, highlights a stream of showers. But the rain almost always looks cozy from the inside looking out, especially when curled up with a good book or snug inside a café waiting for the storm to pass. There is something winsome about these images that I like.

  5. Very interesting blog . Beautiful fotos. I like come here.
    Have a nice days! Jarka

  6. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, a lovely post for the meme.

  7. Lovely autumn photos! Love the rainy pictures!

  8. Love the silhouette umbrella image... got a slightly spooky thriller movie feel to it