Thursday, November 27, 2014

Old Time Fences

The rain continued yesterday but we got out for a short ride on our bikes.  Still, the day somehow went by without taking even one photo.  I've gone back into some old files for a few fence shots to share with TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme (many thanks, Theresa, for hosting).

Most importantly, I want to wish everyone celebrating Thanksgiving holiday a beautiful time of appreciation for the love, friendship, food, freedom and health I sincerely hope you are all enjoying.

Here all the old photos with apologies to anyone who remembers them.    

Some swallows on a barbed wire fence were waiting to be fed..
 at Jericho Park two summers ago.
 This old fence was encountered during..
 a walk in the Point Grey area of Vancouver.
 That same day, I found myself on a long walk that took me to roads (and fences).. 
 I had never seen before.
 And this one was wa-a-ay back during one of our adventure days in White Rock.
 We stood on the beach and admired the pier and the train..
and this last one of Bill and Black Jack was taken a few years ago in North Vancouver.  
Today, I'm happy to report it was balmy and just perfect for bike riding.  We saw some birds and had some fun and took some photos, so tomorrow's post will reflect our very good day.  Thanks again, Theresa, for your Good Fences meme.  And thanks to all who found the time to stop by the blog today.  


  1. Awesome photos of the swallows two years ago and now!

  2. Wonderful fences. I enjoyed them all. Loved the first two with the swallows on the barbed wire and also the fancy curlyque fence. Always a pleasure to see dogs enjoying their walks.

  3. The love the swallows, Carol! They are adorable birds.. The fences are neat and great shot of Bill & Black Jack! Have a happy weekend!

  4. loved all of these, especially the sweet swallows lined up. :) so glad you finally got a break in the rain! :)

  5. Wonderful photos!
    My favourite is the old one :)
    Have a fine weekend!

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