Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"Q" for ABC Wednesday

The quintessential quirkiness of this image might make you queasy but I quelled my qualms at stopping Bill, who was riding along English Bay yesterday in front of me, most likely enjoying a bit of quietude.  
He heeded my call without a moment's quibble, quipping that he first thought he was witnessing an exotic creature, perhaps a new, quaintly quixotic quadruped..  okay, not quite a direct quote, but the gist of his response is accurate :)  
If you haven't guessed, ABC Wednesday is celebrating "Q" and I am celebrating that I've made it this far without missing a letter of the alphabet.  Though I've been contributing posts on and off for a few years now, that would be my most consistent performance to date.  But, before you congratulate me, take a moment to check out Denise Nesbitt's post, the lady who started ABC Wednesday in the first place, or Roger's site, the faithful and fascinating administrator of the meme now.  Reader Will's site is another you shouldn't miss.  29 "Q" words in seven lines of text may be a record.  My thanks goes to all of the volunteers and posters who make this a unique and wonderful meme.  Here's a quiet song full of questions for those who like a little music background to their blog reading time.
The rest of this post is just a rundown of our ride yesterday.  After heavy rain on Monday, we were happy to see the sun.  Bill and Black Jack didn't question.. 
my pleasure in this scene..
 and the wall of the Aquatic Centre behind this tree added some fun textures as well.
 I kid you not, the queued trees along this pond has not been touched up.
 There were still brilliant oranges remaining after the rain and wind on Monday that had inspired a querulous attitude on the part of many.
Quacking ducks are handy when looking for "Q" words, and this female ..
 American Wigeon obligingly..
 responded to her amorous mate with a quaintly adorable quack..  
that must..
have done his..
proud little heart good.  
And speaking of quacks, I took a little trip over to the Phronistery site to find some obscure words that begin with q and found these two, neither describing me, but both inspiring aha moments.  I always wondered where the word "quack" came from when used to describe incompetent doctors, and as for "quiddle" - it just has a perfect ring to it :)
quacksalver - one who falsely pretends to knowledge of medicine
quiddle - a fastidious person

After enjoying the ducks, I took one more photo of the pond and surroundings before..
looking back to my quality guy and quizzical pup.  
Now on a quest for sustenance, we headed to Harrison Galleries for treats and crossword time.  Afterwards, a short trip to the quay by False Creek yielded some reflection photos. 
We could see the town hall with two of its four clocks shedding quirky light.. 
right across the water.  Fortunately, nothing has quashed my.. 
enthusiasm for reflections, 
though it is just about time, now, to make a quick getaway.
I'll leave you with Bill's quip that I should make sure to catch the UFO before it landed, 
a quivering light underfoot that was about to burn out,
and a quiescent moon that correctly anticipated the rain today that surely must just about satisfy the moisture quota for this week in our part of the world.  Thanks so much for stopping by.  Interested in more "q" words?  I'm fairly sure you will find at least a couple of surprises over at ABC Wednesday.


  1. Magnificent photography! Wow!

    Happy Week to you
    artmusedog and carol

  2. i like the fallen leaf on the 'light plate'. and beautiful watery reflections and colors. sweet wigeons!

  3. I am so happy the sun came out, cute shot of Bill and Black Jack! I love the Wigeons, they are cuties.. Beautiful fall colors and lovely night lights and reflections. Beautiful images, Carol!

  4. The colours of fall foliage are so wonderful!!! I love the new words " Quacksalver" and quiddle. You can never have too many pictures of reflections say I! Hugs, Phyllis

  5. I really like Paul Simon. I think he is hugely talented! Some of the words to his songs are poetic. I know he's getting on in years but I think he still has a lot to offer. He is someone I like to sit down with and have a profound conversation. I'd like to know a little about his philosophy of life and some of his experiences.

    Those trees and reflections are gorgeous!

  6. Wonderful water shots Carol but the award goes to the quacking courting ducks. So many Q's too, you've outdone every one! Well done.
    The pictures of BJ and Bill are lovely, looks like a very loving friendship, she's a lovely little doggie.
    Best wishes,

    Abcw team