Friday, November 7, 2014

Of weather and light and the things we appreciate

Yesterday morning, I took these shots from the 8th floor of our building.

It was a rainy commute to work for most Vancouverites, 
with people scurrying after one big thunder clap.. 
  but occasional flashes of rather eerie light,
bringing out the warm colours of the trees and perhaps easing this commuter's walk.
The sun broke through as a dog, some walkers, a cyclist, and motorists made their way through this intersection.
 Light through heavy mist over the Granville Bridge caught the Os Gemeos mural smiles.
 Wind took the leaves on a lovely dance, as..  
the sun broke through..
with true commitment..
 and children picked up on the happy energy.
 I loved the leaves on our steps..
and caught a few before they could be whisked away by our building's caretaker. 
It was going to be a beautiful day after all!
 Our bike ride later in the afternoon began in still beautiful light.  We stopped to check out..
 the many geese that seem to have learned to respect the bike path's border.
 The wind  began to increase as we got back on our bikes and..
 by the time we reached Stanley Park, raindrops were beginning to fall.  I enjoyed..
 the first American Coots..
 seen in months and caught a couple of shots of them, 
 along with this Wood Duck,
 swimming in one of the many pools of water..
 alongside the bike path.  Bill gave Happy Black Jack a little run, and then we rode..
 around Lost Lagoon, stopping on the other side..
to admire a Blue Heron..
in the afternoon light.  I heard later that there was a beautiful double rainbow around this time, but Bill and I missed seeing it.
 The heron flew away, 
 and didn't return.
 The raindrops became steadier..
 and these ducks and reflection shots were..
my final photos of the day.  We rode to Harrison Galleries in what became very heavy rain but we were happy to have been able to get out and about and later that evening, as the rain continued to fall, we both thought of the homeless and were grateful for the roof over our heads.  Today, we will go to an advance pole to vote in Vancouver's Civil Election.  I've done the best I can to go through the agendas of 10 potential mayors, 49 councillors (we choose 10), 31 Park Commissioners (we choose 7) and 29 School Trustees (we choose 9).   So many!  I admire the people (like our friend, Jock) who have gone to meetings where they met and listened to some of these candidates in person.  I feel that I've barely scratched the surface, but at least am a little more informed than I was before checking out the election site.  We are grateful for our right to a fair and peaceful vote on issues that are important to us.  Those are my thoughts for the day.  Thank you for stopping by.  I am grateful for your visits.  Have a wonderful Friday! 


  1. nice coots and ducks! liked the light reflections on the wet streets in the opening shot.

  2. Hi Carol, another colorful post with the Autumn leaves.. I love all the coots, ducks and the heron! Lovely images and post. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. The heron in the light is a lovely shot and touched with a bit of magic, Carol! There is frequently on again off again rain in our neck of the woods that is for sure. Today started with a little drizzle but turned out feeling like spring this afternoon. I voted early, too, as did MANY people (the lineup was huge) in my area. It gave me a lift to know people are taking their rights as citizens seriously.

  4. Voting in our election is also astonishingly difficult. There are 7 people running for mayor, too many for council, and a multitude for school board. We will also be asked if we support some form of unification of the many small towns which make up this area. Ah me.... Winnipeg benefited greatly from amalgamation but it seems to be a very divisive idea in this area. I hope you have had some more sunshine!!! Hugs, Phyllis

  5. So many enjoyable photos. Loved the reflections in the first of the rainy pictures and also Black Jack's rain coat on the bike. Great shots of the heron flying away.