Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A collection of blues and autumn colours

I was thinking of Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme when I collected these three photos..   
as we stood in front of Vancouver Playhouse on Saturday.  There are some very interesting photos and patterns in the windows..  these hands are those of Lang Lang, the famous pianist.  (Just as an aside, I don't know how many people know the story of his relationship with his father, but this article has given me a completely new understanding of this very fine pianist.  Well worth a read if you have the time.)  But then, as the previous post stated, I was so awed by the movie,
it took me two days to write about it, and the "blue" post didn't happen.  It's too late to join the meme for this week, but perhaps you will find some time to check out the many people who love the colour blue. 
I continued to notice lots of blue around me on Sunday, as we looked over False Creek, 
so I guess we'll call this a catch-up of blues with some autumn colours thrown in.
 Bill noticed this collection of row boats around the ferry dock.  It's a small dream of mine to own a rowboat so that we can explore the nooks and crannies of False Creek every once in a while.
 Bill and Black Jack went down the ferry ramp to check out the boats..
while I watched a young cormorant..
 lift up from the water..
 and take flight.  It always seems to me to be a miraculous..
 thing that birds can not only fly from a perch high in a tree, but from the water as well.
 Bill and Black Jack returned,
 both in fine form.
We biked after that to Olympic Village where Black Jack enjoyed some free-run time. No blues here, but great evidence of changing..
 colours and beautiful light.
 We continue to enjoy Jonathan's Borofsky's "Human Structures" and I was happy to see that children find the sculpture fun as well.
 Bill had to pick up Black Jack here.  She runs for a while, but then goes foraging for food and there's nearly always something in the grass left by picnickers.  I love her little pink paw in this shot..
and Bill's protective attitude in this one.
 The sculpture has lots of blue in it, and I tried (not very successfully) to highlight that..
 by zooming in as I looked upward.
Here's the full view for anyone who has missed my initial "Human Structures" post. 
There's a lot of blue in Vancouver's architecture, and sometimes, blue netting used when buildings are undergoing cleaning or repairs adds to that impression.
 This was one of our shorter outings, and one we've done many times, but it seems..
 to me that there are discoveries to make every single time we go out.  Rose hips had burst.. 
 into bloom and looked especially beautiful as the sun went down.
 People were enjoying the stone steps..
 and the Cambie Bridge.. 
 was bathed in golden light.
 A Towhee, high in a tree, seemed as impressed as I was when the sky.. 
 suddenly took on.. 
 magnificent shades and patterns.
 Bill loved the sky as well.  And Black Jack?  One never knows what she is focusing on, but I can assure you it is far more likely to be on the ground than in the sky :)
 I imagine the sky must have been quite an experience as well for the people on the bus,
 on bikes and on foot as they traversed the bridge.  
 We made a couple of stops as we headed home, one to admire Science World's lights,
one to take note of the moon, 
 and one to check out the stadium roof.  As I took that lost shot, we suddenly..
 noticed these lights behind us.  We've watched many events on that plaza, but had never..
 been there to see how the lights change colours.  I come back to the blue..
 just to keep that blue theme going as I conclude this post.  Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. the place in the first shot looks like some sort of batman building. :) love black jack resting back in bill's arms. :)