Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Our World Tuesday

Whatever the reasons for the beautiful Vancouver weather this past summer and now into Autumn, I can only say it is being well appreciated by lots of people and pets.
We rode to English Bay yesterday in the mid-afternoon, and watched this happy dog..
 chase sticks,
 bring them back, 
 drop them in the sand, 
 shake with attitude, and then beg for more of the same.
 A lone sweet pea glistened in the sun..
 as Bill tried to make sure Black Jack explored the long grasses and rocks safely.
A young woman exercised with hula hoops, a gentleman sat on a log, and the mountains..
and trees and outdoor art..
 created picture-perfect vistas.
 Black Jack was so obsessed with the rocks that we couldn't..
 interest her in a beach run.
 Bill did his best to encourage her..
 but she headed straight away from us and back to the rocks as fast as she could.
We decided to head back to George Wainborn Park, but I caught this cutie having a great time before we left.
 Ah..  much more success here.
 Bill and Black Jack played hide and seek..
 and a good time was had by all.
 It would be hard to find a more perfect day..
 though Black Jack, true to form, spent little time looking upward. 
 Ah..  I lie :)
 The hedges dividing walking and bike paths are gaining a deeper red each day.
 Several boulders had bikes leaning against them.  Ours waited patiently.
 The boat houses across False Creek are always especially  beautiful at this time of year when their colours blend into those of the trees behind them.
I kept coming back to the hedge..
 and the happy humans and pets..
 and the hedges..
 Home to drop Black Jack off, I watched a sparrow..
 while Bill fed and settled her in, so that..
 we could get right back on our bikes..
 to head to..
the Centre for the Arts to see Force Majeure, another of Vancouver's film festival entries.  I took these photos of the public library across the street from us.
 as we stood..
 in line.  The Centre for the Arts is a magnificent building with a bit of a tumultuous past but..
 once we finally made it in the doors..
 we were very comfortable in front row seats (the only ones left).
 The movie?  It was excellent and perhaps even brilliant, though the ending left me confused and frustrated.  It had a lot of very humorous moments in it, but this quote from a review that resonates with me says it best: "You might even laugh a good deal, but only because you aren't really sure what other action to take; silence doesn't seem appropriate, somehow."  Truthfully, even the most beautiful photographed (that's a ski resort in the French Alps) and well told story about a dysfunctional family working out some very sensitive issues just wasn't my cup of tea last night, though as always, it stimulated lots of thoughts, and just being out with Bill is something I never take for granted.  We laughed as we came to several common conclusions after the movie, and all in all, I called it another very good day.  Thank you for stopping by to share in it.  For more events in the lives of people around the world, perhaps you would like to stop by Our World Tuesday.  I never take that meme and its faithful volunteers for granted either. 


  1. As always so many things happening around the lake. Those leaves are such a brilliant red.

  2. Not only continued warm weather in Vancouver but also cultural events that see great and encouraging turnouts. Those two seats at the front must have been waiting for you and Bill.

  3. I'm with you. I can't remember a better summer and beginning to fall up in Powell River. I live in what you call a boat house, but we call it a float cabin. Not as fancy as the False Creek models. - Margy

  4. Hi Carol, I always enjoy your outings.. Especially seeing all the doggies and Black Jack of course is the star... The shot of her running just makes me smile.. The leaves are turning a pretty red. Lovely images.. Enjoy your week!

  5. We had an awesome summer also. I see lots of fun in your photos.

  6. Nice serie fotos, greeting from Belgium.