Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A day (or two) in our world

I began this post yesterday but couldn't finish, so this will be a two-post catch-up day.  Life doesn't stand still for us as we get older.  Sometimes, that takes a little getting used to.  The laundry machines in our apartment building used to operate with coins but were changed over to a system that requires internet visits to "load" money on a card.  I was rather proud for adjusting over a year ago to the new system, but when the laundry site was down yesterday, several hours of the day were wasted trying to figure out whether the problem was my computer (it wasn't) while my soapy laundry sat waiting in the machine.  Calls to the company finally revealed the source of the problem, but that was just the beginning of the very long wait to sort things out.  Subsequent conversations with tenants tell me my experience was one of many.  Perhaps, it is time to go back to coins. 

That's the down side to technology.  The good side is that I get to share our day with  Our World Tuesday, albeit one day late, thanks to the creative talents of the late Klaus Peter and a wonderful team of  volunteers who keep his idea moving forward.  

And, technology allowed my dear sister to send a "selfie" that she and her husband took on Monday.  I asked for the photo, as they celebrated their 43rd anniversary a few days ago.  I love them both and honour their years of love for, and loyalty to, each other with a photo of an African Violet that hadn't bloomed in months but suddenly burst forth a few days ago with these flowers.  African Violets were my mother's favourite plant and I feel sure she would be as convinced as I am that the plant bloomed just for my sister and her husband.
My sister also sent the photo below.  She called it the "last strawberry of the season" and added that "the ladybugs were hungry, it seems."  I love that she and I can share our worlds so directly, though she is in Ottawa and I am in Vancouver.
Two more shots of the African Violet.  I might never have seen those little hairs on the leaves so clearly, had it not been for the ease of digital photography.
I will have to employ my nonexistent green thumb soon because it is needing a larger pot.
Looking out the 8th floor of our building yesterday morning brought much pleasure.  The sun had come out (not so today) and the view over a back lane and across Pacific Boulevard..
yielded lots of warm shades.
The view to the left, over David Lam Park, was beautiful as well.  The sculpture by Os Gemeos adds a gentle background..
to the latest Autumn colours.
Moving back in time to Monday, we planned a little walk in the park with Black Jack but  she wasn't keen.  She dislikes coats and she dislikes rain, and she thought the best strategy would be to wait it out in the lobby. 
Unfortunately, the rain gained momentum as we sat.   Let's just say it was a very short walk :) (I wish I could have shared just a little of it with you, ChrisJ.  For those who have been praying and/or sending their positive thoughts and energy to ChrisJ's granddaughter, do check out her latest news.  I am thrilled to learn that, though Haley isn't out of the woods yet, she is doing much better.) 
Bill and I cycled in the rain afterwards and we had the bike lane along False Creek all to ourselves :)  The wind was against us and the puddles splashed into my shoes, and my non-water-proof bike pants were soaked through, but I was happy.  We ended up on Water Street (appropriately named, don't you think?).  That isn't our bike that you see.  Bill locked ours up in a covered lane-way so they stayed dry.  This photo shows you the puddles on the street, as we sat drinking our excellent lattés while looking out the doorway of a very good café called Coffeebar.  I was happy to see that we weren't the only cyclists who had braved the rain after all.  Sadly, there is a lot of litter in that part of town,
but I did enjoy the reflections and we did complete most of quite a challenging crossword.
The EightFoldEats treats were delicious as well.  All in all, another good day. Thanks for stopping by.  If you would like to read about events in the lives of people around the world they are just a click away at Our World Tuesday.


  1. Technology is wonderful when it works but we all have probably experienced the downside. Liked the rainy reflections.

  2. I enjoyed your blog very much. Beautiful picture of the violet bloomed. Perfect timing. Your trees of fall are magnificent. The strawberry looks like it has ladybugs? You guys bike. I would say your not very old in doing things of that nature. Good for you. You must be physically fit hubby and you.

    I don't even know what you mean from coins of a laundry room to the computer to learn how to load up on a card for to do laundry. . Really. . What next. First they had certain money then they switched over to Loony's. Man. Wish they would make up minds. So that would confuse me. I cant seem to get going when I had changed to G Chrome 1+. So I changed out of that. What a mix up there.

  3. happy anniversary to your sis and brother-in-law! how wonderful that the violet bloomed, too. :) my mom grew african violets for many, many years.

    the laundry situation sounded dreadful! especially since you already began loads! ugh!

  4. I hope the laundry is under control! You cannot exactly wring it by hand and hang it outside! After a rainy morning the sun has just come out in Victoria! Big hugs, Phyllis

  5. Hello carol, happy Anniversary to your sister and hubby! Love the cute shots of Blackjack,, sorry there was a rain out.. Looks like you did manage to do the bike riding even with the rain, you are dedicated..The African Violet is beautiful. Lovely post, enjoy your evening.

  6. Thank-you everyone for your kind wishes, and thank-you Carol for your lovely post and the stunning African Violet blooms. I must confess that I've had the same African Violet for many years and have yet to see a single blossom. I'm thankful when it has a few healthy leaves. It is currently in recovery mode once again.
    Apparently, Ottawa was infested with ladybugs yesterday according to a report on CTV news tonight. I did see many of them while I was outside washing windows and I've learned that they give a nasty little bite.

  7. The treats do look delicious! The photographs of the African violet are beautiful; it looks like it is growing prolifically.

    The lady bugs certainly were enjoying that strawberry. In the past we have had ladybugs so bad during harvest season here in Iowa that they fill the air and land everywhere!

    I don't think I've heard of such a technological laundry before!