Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Mishmash of "M" Moments

Mrs. Nesbitt's ABC Wednesday gives me a marvellous opportunity to share yesterday's mishmash of memorable moments with you this morning.  You may be mystified to learn that we biked around False Creek to Granville Island, took the Aquabus from there to the Hornby Street stop, and rode the rest of the way home without taking a single photo!  However, there were a few free minutes before we got back on our bikes to see our 3rd International Film Festival movie, and when I walked Black Jack by the neighbouring building to ours, she stepped right into the arms of the gentleman you see on the right.  He is familiar to us by now, and he told me his name and that of his son and wife, but I am unsure of spellings so I will just say that his dear little boy's name does indeed begin with M.   
There is a generosity of spirit that, I think, runs through this post as a sort of theme, and that magnanimity struck me several months ago, when this gentleman reached out to cuddle Black Jack.  Strangers at the time, I now think of him and his family as neighbourhood myrmidons (friend/cohort).  We don't meet often but Black Jack moves into their space as though pulled by a magnet.
Though M looks reluctant in this photo, that impression is a mistaken one.  In fact, he shows the same gentleness of spirit as his parents, and though I didn't catch the photo, he reached out and massaged Black Jack, much to her pleasure.  Like a true neighbour, the gentleman knows about my fondness for Tupper, and I smiled when he pointed out that..
I was being followed by a friend.  For the past couple of months, it has been a challenge to recognize Tupper.  Her tail feathers no longer point as determinedly upward as they did, and she seems to be moulting, but yesterday, there was no question in my mind about her..     
 identity.  Unfortunately, she landed on a parked car, not something I encourage.  The owner of the car was not impressed, and so Tupper..
 flew off and didn't return.  No matter, I feel quite certain she'll meet up with us again soon.
 The weather has been summer-like for so long, it seems the flowers and wildlife are mixed up in Vancouver.  Though we are now well into Autumn, there are times when I look around and feel Spring in the air.  I'm not sure if that is why we have so many bees buzzing around,   
 but I can tell you that this hornet's (wasp's?) nest that I spotted in a tree at the end of our street is the biggest (at least football sized) I've ever seen.  The bees (wasps?) have been coming onto our balcony and even into our apartment.  It miffed me yesterday to see that Black Jack clung anxiously to us, even afraid to approach the balcony window.  Perhaps that fear was caused by her bee sting last summer, or perhaps I missed noticing a recent sting, but she is normally such a malapert (saucy) little dog and that is not something I would like to see change.  I know we need bees and I guess nature has a plan for wasps/hornets as well, but I would like them to stay far away from Black Jack.
Our evening ride to Simon Fraser University's Woodward's Campus to see Looking for Light made us feel like a couple of meandering adventurers.  I love the Woodward's building..
and took some time to catch the minutiae..
 in its makeup as I could.  
  Perhaps, I should have inverted the famous "W" sign to keep the M theme going, 
but it would feel immoral to alter such an important member of Vancouver's memorabilia. 
 Bill and I now understand that there will always be long lines to see film festival movies. As long as one buys tickets in advance, the lines move quickly once the doors open.
We really enjoyed the movie.  Bill recognized far more of the famous portraits shown than I did, so our separate experiences were all the more satisfying to talk about later. There is a fascinating youtube review at the end of this post by film critic, Mark Kermode, that gives a wonderful sense of the maven (dazzlingly skilled) photographer, Jane Bown.  For those of you interested in portraiture, black and white photography, and even more importantly, the art of seeing right into the soul of a person, that review will be most enlightening.  I took only one screen shot during the movie.  It was of this rock star (I think..  any help identifying him would be appreciated) talking about his experience when he was photographed by Jane Bown.  What stuck with me..  in fact, I think it will remain forever in my memory, is that he said he fell in love with Jane.  You may remember that I talked about a magnanimous spirit at the beginning of this post.  Well, Jane's malacophonous mansuetude (softspoken meekness) caused some to describe her as "a little old lady with a basket" but in fact, she had the uncanny ability to find her subjects' hearts and I think that had to do with her generosity of attitude.  Apparently, she used to say, "There you are," when that moment of discovery would hit her.  What an incredibly beautiful way, I think, of looking at portraiture.  
 The rest of this post is truly a mishmash..  photographs I took as we left Woodward's, these..
three taken through the window as we walked.. 
 down the steps to go outside.
in the alley way had a bit of malarkey in their tone. 
This dog gazed down on us through an apartment window on the other side of the lane,
 and believe it or not, just as we were about to mount our bikes, a gentleman told us that a macabre film about ghouls was about to begin. 
 Bill waited with the gentleman.  I was given permission to take as many photos as I wished.
Talk about "looking for light" ..  I have to say there was very, very little of it :)
 Still, I think the sinister sense of a machinated (crafted to achieve a sinister end) plot comes through..
in the mayhem..
and melee that followed.
The smiling character made me smile here.  I'm not sure that he was completely focused on his mission to play the part of a terrified student, but he certainly was enjoying himself.
As for the ghoul, he did a fine portrayal, moaning loudly, 
 as he lumbered down the steps..
 and into the path..
 of the malingering students.  I didn't even notice the two people at the left until after I uploaded the photos.
To have a university campus in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside is to bring two worlds together in a way that leaves me fascinated.  The maculate (stained/tarnished) textures of the buildings..
 drew me to them.. 
 even as I struggled to find enough light to bring them out.
 Bill waited, patiently encouraging me to capture what I could..
 and I took a final photo across the street of a window with some pots and pans in it, before we rode to the water's edge..
 and by the stadium.  Another stop there, in an attempt to capture the greenish-blues..
 and the reflections around us.
Another just discovered person sits on the rocks. When I arrived home and uploaded the photos, there he was, but as you can see, 
 I am fresh out of M's..
and so it was very fortunate that there was a..
 full moon last night :)
Here is that youtube review I told you about.  Thank you so much for stopping by.  My fervent appreciation is extended as well to the marvellous volunteers who keep ABC Wednesday running so miraculously well. 


  1. zombies invading vancouver! :) sweet family in the first few photos.

  2. and i'm glad tupper's feathers are coming back in/up! :)

  3. Carol, your days are always filled with activities.. The little boy "m" with Black Jack is adorable.. It is nice to see Tupper again..I love the night shots and reflections and the full moon.. Very pretty. Enjoy your evening.

  4. What a beautiful post. I love your pictures; I think you live in a very lovely place, full of life.

    SamuraiFrog, ABCW

  5. I appreciate all of your meanderings, you share just wonderful pictures. That is one huge nest---it's a scary sight for sure.

  6. Yes, you SHOULD have gone with the upside-down W! would have been funny!