Friday, October 10, 2014

Many happy moments added up to a good day

Just a few of yesterday's moments that added up to a good day.  

We took the ferry to Granville island and sat for a while..
enjoying Stephen Spender's voice and the sense that he has lived his lyrics.
You can listen to him here.

While walking our bikes to the path where we would ride home, Bill spotted this frog, standing by the door of a scuba diving shop.
Bill and Black Jack waited while I took the photo.
Black Jack has learned to stare pointedly at the things she desires.  In this case, she was looking at the pocket that holds treats.
The beautiful route home (that you can barely see) begins on the other side of the pond.
I love watching ducks and geese..
 swoop down and skid.. 
to a stop on the water.
Across from the pond is the community centre.  There was some "kid" art..
on the outside walls..
that seemed to express strong and happy hearts.
There was a cobweb beside the bench where we sat.
Four geese lined up in a row.  The first one was slow to enter the pond,
and the second one gave some encouragement to..
help him/her along.
This dog's strategy to encourage his/her human to hurry up was more one of enticement.
"I know you really want this ball.  Come and get it."
My only bird catch of the day.  A sparrow, I think.  Hopefully a safe guess :)
There was lots of colour around us.  The nearby hedges and trees were full of bright berries and across False Creek,
the trees we bike by almost every day were showing off their new Autumn wardrobe.
I spent some time photographing.. 
the gardens that I know..
are the result of..
a lot of hard work..
by people in the community.
We had biked just a short distance from the gardens when Bill spotted this.  The artists explained some of the meaning to us, but that explanation is only beginning to come clear as I do some internet research.  I will explain what I understand to this point, as I show you some of the photos that I was thrilled to be allowed to take and post.  Only now, am I realizing that.. 
we were meeting Vancouver artist, Henry Tsang.  I've blogged about him many times.  His "Welcome to the Land of Light" installation on False Creek has been a favourite of mine for a long time.  He is one of my heroes.  I don't exaggerate when I say that.  People who think long and hard about the neighbourhood we live in and create ways of increasing our understanding of that community enrich our lives and I have felt that every time I walk by Mr. Tsang's art.  And yet, here I was, taking his photo and having no idea that he and the artist I have admired for some time were one and the same.  I think the gentleman standing on the right is Glen Lowry,     
one of the three collaborating artists (I didn't photograph Simon Levin) to come with..   
this new work called Maraya: SisypheanCart.  The best way to understand it would be to visit the link above or this very good link and read about it for yourself. The mirrored pieces had to be dislodged (magnets held them in place) and laid flat as the cart was pulled around False Creek.
I could feel my pulse quickening as I looked through the lens at the hands and reflections.
It turns out that in 2007, these artists discovered a marina in Dubai that had an uncanny resemblance to False Creek.
This quote from the site explains that "Maraya focuses on the trope of the seawall walkway as a significant common thread that ties these two sites together, as an interurban promenade that stretches across twelve time zones, connecting but also blurring the line between here and elsewhere." 
The artists have created a database of photographs and videos that show the two sites in real time, so that we can fashion a virtual side-by-side walk in both locations.  I hope I have that right, but I do strongly encourage anyone interested to go to those links.  
Glen Lowry was very generous in answering our questions about their project, but when he replied to Bill's question about the logo on his t-shirt, I realized there is..
another story there that I have yet to explore :)  
After a short conversation, the art and its creators/supporters went on their way around..
False Creek.  As they left, I wondered, yet again, how it is that every one of our outings is an adventure.  This is one that I will be following with great interest as it evolves.
While we were stopped, I took photos of.. 
the reflections and colours around us..
as I so often do.
It was a perfect day for that,
with great light..
and lots of people and pets enjoying the day.  I only noticed the three little white dogs at the top of this photo after I arrived home.  Talk about discovering your world through your lens!
As we were about to get back on our bikes, Bill asked me to take..
this photo.  I am always happy when he requests a photo.  In fact, the sign was making him laugh about a subject that many are not finding very funny these days.  False Creek has never been meant as a place for swimmers, but lately, the coli-contamination count has been so high, even the dragon boaters had to put their season on hold as the rowers do on occasion fall into the water.  So why was he laughing?  Well, we had a very interesting talk about that today.  Bill has done a bit of research on the subject of words that just make people laugh.  Most have no idea why those words trigger laughter, but believe it or not, there are lists to be found on internet.   Here's one small article on the topic.  How about you?  Do you have words that just make you laugh?  Whether or not you feel willing to share them, I do want you to know that your dropping by the blog today has been much appreciated.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. loved all the marina photos and reflections. and love scuba frog, too.

  2. Mindboggling is a word that makes me smile and describes the art with its endless fluid reflections. As for Black Jack eyeing the treats that are in Bill’s pocket … focused like a laser beam definitely comes to mind. :)

  3. Carol, what a great day for you, Bill and cute BlackJack.. The reflections are awesome..The flowers are beautiful, nice to see so many blooms in October.. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Love your trips around Vancouver! That mirrored art was amazing, as we're some of those reflections!

  5. don't want to do a duplicate ~ checking to see if you had owner approval

  6. Okay ~ here I am again ~ All your photos are very beautiful! Love BlackJack looking at Bill's pocket and the little sparrow (great compositon) ~ What a delightful day for all ~ How do you keep BlackJack in the basket? Happy Weekend to you!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Enjoyed the photos! The artwork looks fascinating; I also enjoyed the flower photos.