Thursday, October 30, 2014

All kinds of fences

Theresa's Good Fences meme is one that has inspired some thinking, this morning, about the symbolism of fences.  

There are the pretty ones like this hedge separating cyclists from walkers.. 
that Bill spontaneously stopped for last evening because he saw that..
the colours are just about to cross the line from at-their-peak of beauty to still-lovely.
While we were stopped,
we took advantage of the moment..
to enjoy some playtime..
with Black Jack.
I took off her collar and leash for a few moments to make myself feel that she has a modicum of freedom in her life, but one of the downsides to living in the city with a beloved but prey-motivated beast, is that there are always fences, some the kind that you can see and others less obvious but there nonetheless, as demonstrated by the way we choose places where she can run safely.  I love this photo of her.  Fences or no fences, she is a very happy dog.
We rode to Stanley Park and then to the Coal Harbour route where we stopped by this pond. The gentleman at the right of the photo talked with me for a while.  He was terribly unhappy, in spite of the magnificent day.  His concern was that it would be raining tomorrow.  He was right.  It is raining as I write.  I tried to convince him that he shouldn't waste that beautiful day on despair for something in the future, but my words were wasted.  He had erected his own fences against any positive thoughts I could offer.  I hope he found some pleasures, nonetheless, in some part of the rest of his day.
We usually see mallards in this pond, but yesterday, there were these ducks that I haven't yet identified (though Theresa suggested a name once that continues to escape me..  sorry, Theresa!).  To me, they look like American Wigeons but without the green markings.
Hooded Mergansers appeared as well.  I haven't seen them for the entire summer, so it was a nice surprise.  I'm thinking they may spend the winter here.
I zoomed in on the Blue Heron that I'm pretty sure lives full time..
at that pond.
Then we continued on our way.  The cloud and mountain patterns brought about the next stop, again decided upon by Bill. 
It strikes me that mountains are fences too, natural dividers of the strong who can make it to the top, and the somewhat weaker who may only enjoy their lower altitudes, as well as the geographical dividers separating provinces and states and countries.  Though individual peaks have names, we call these the North Shore Mountains, and having commuted between the North Shore and Vancouver, I can tell you there are subtle differences of attitude that can be felt between these two distinct areas of The Lower Fraser Valley.
It was beautiful Bill who pointed out the fences along these steps and suggested they would make a good photo for the "Good Fences" meme.
My big lens had to be twisted and turned to fit Bill and Black Jack in the photo, but..
I did try to give you a straighter angle as well.  Fences to keep us safe, and with a handrail to guide us are the ones most commonly found in cities, 
but I'm happy to see that Vancouver's priority of preserving green spaces has meant..
that many of our fences are designed to please the eye of our outdoorsy populace. 
Sea planes were taking off and landing as we stood, soaking in the day and the surroundings, but just as I was about to put the camera away..
I spotted one more fence.  This is a memorial set up after a formal apology..
was made to the 376 passengers from Punjab, British India, most of whom were..
not permitted to disembark from the steamship, Komagata Maru, in 1914.
These words are part of the memorial.
The expression on the child's face really struck me yesterday.
I am not expressing an opinion here.  There are just too many facts that I don't know and must explore further.  What I am saying, once more, is that there are many kinds of fences, this one erected as a mark of respect and remembrance.
The rest of the photos were taken a few days ato at a Yaletown street corner.  
I am always awed by the many lines and angles.
I'm not sure how many fences..
there are in these photos, but perhaps the issues of keeping people out, 
guiding people safely, and appealing to the eye were all part of the planning.  No earthshaking conclusions to all of this.  Just some of the travelings of my mind today.  Thank you for coming along for the ride, and most of all, thank you, Theresa, for coming up with a unique idea  has stretched across countries and continents.  That has got to be good :) 


  1. the 'apology' fence is a new one. i liked all the autumn colors and the clouds above the mountains are beautiful! i like hedgerows, too. and i'd have said wigeon on those ducks, too. :)

  2. The memorial is wonderful.. I like the colors still hanging around.. And BlackJack is always one of my favorites, her photos are adorable.. The Gb Heron, Mergansers and ducks are all pretty. Lovely post, Carol. Enjoy your weekend ahead!

  3. What a wonderful posts with lots of surprises. But Black Jack's shots are fantastic.

  4. Interesting to have a deeper look into fences. A sad reflection to see people wearing their best British suits with hope in their hearts to be turned away. Sometimes we learn from our mistakes. There is a saying, “Good fences make good neighbors”. I don’t think they were talking about apology fences ... but that could apply. :)

  5. Hi Carol. I will not look at a fence again in the same way. Thank you. Your photos are wonderful and I liked how you 'made things fit'! I do that all the time too.
    What I love about Vancouver is that it is so well-used by so many people. It is located in the most perfect area of the world (even if it does rain a lot!!) with incredible view lines everywhere.
    Black Jack, thanks for the smile!

  6. Wow you really have some great fences here. The angles of some of them were quite fascinating. Also the memorial fence was very interesting. Jack sure can fly when he runs. Such great action shots.

  7. I've never seen a dog with such energy! She is gorgeous. Such a lot of fences and so many different kinds.

  8. Black Jack certainly looks happy! The photos made me grin! I also really like your mountain shot.

  9. The colours of autumn are stunning. I love the shot of Black Jack! Too cute for words!

  10. Black jack in full-run is awesome :)

    Happy Halloween!!

  11. Wonderful photos. I'm in love with Black Jack, such a cutie