Saturday, May 17, 2014

Critters and crosswords

Saturday has arrived again, right on schedule :)  Time to link up with two wonderful critter memes: Camera Critters (thank you, Misty) and Saturday's Critters (thank you, Eileen)

First, Black Jack says, "Hi!"  She is my first small dog (rescued) and I'm guessing she came with more than a little Chihuahua content.  She sure loves to snuggle under lots of layers.
My other critter photos were taken yesterday by Lost Lagoon at Stanley Park.  These two geese were minding their own business, peacefully grazing at the side of the path when they suddenly rose and came towards us.  I thought they were upset by Black Jack, but..
it turned out they had a problem with this pair of geese in the water.  Seriously, they weren't even close to each other, and nothing happened to start this argument that I could detect.. 
but the first pair walked to the water's edge and..
were downright unfriendly.
The ones in the water weren't impressed..
and the mood..
was becoming decidedly nasty.
The first pair backed off a bit when they saw that bullying wasn't going to be the best tactic.
The ones in the water postured again, just to be sure they were in control.
Pretty soon, each pair did a final "farewell" and then..
went back to their original positions.  What a fuss over  what seemed like nothing to me, but I guess certain "stuff" had been settled and things could return to "normal" after that.
The only other drama was a little love story that happened when this male Wood Duck..
found this sweet lady to be absolutely divine.
She seemed well aware of her own appeal and led him..
around the pond.. 
by his nose.  Pretty soon, he was grooming her.. 
and whispering sweet nothings in her ear.
This little guy thought the whole thing was quite boring..
and this heron decided the wood ducks..
needed some privacy.
Or perhaps, the hunting was just better..
over here.  That was about it for the action at Lost Lagoon while we were there.
And, a little about the rest of the day.  My latté at Harrison Galleries was so especially pretty, I had to take a picture of it.
Bill and I also finished newspaper crossword #4 in record time and felt pretty good about that though I'm sorry Bill's picture was so out of focus. (We've been doing them since Bill's illness as a way of keeping both of our brains healthy.) 
On the way home, I took some photos of flowers..
but this was my favourite photo of the day.  There he is, carrying my camera bag again and looking pretty darned handsome, don't you think?  Thank you for stopping by.  For more critters from around the world, don't forget the Camera Critters and Saturday's Critters memes.  Happy Saturday, everyone!


  1. bill makes me smile - as i know he does you! :) loved the geese trying to carve out their territories. and the sweet wood duck pair.

  2. Wonderful series of photography ~ love the dog ~ 'steals the show' ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Love the ducks! #cameracritters

  4. What gorgeous photos ! I love the first photo :)

  5. I'm thinking maybe the pair on land had a nest going nearby and were warning the other two away. They look so funny when they complain! Bill looks like he had a fun outing with you. I'm jealous of the puzzle finish..I used to love logic puzzles...I don't ever see any of those books at the store anymore though.

  6. BJ looks very cosy. Geese can be so ornery! Gorgeous wood ducks and heron!

  7. Bill made me smile in the last shot. That coffee looked yummy. Great critter shots!

  8. I really liked the photo of the heron taking off, with his head/neck in sharp focus beneath his blurred wings. Gives a great perception off the huge motion required.

  9. Great selection of critter shots.Love the dog and blossom

  10. Fantastic and colorful sets of photos. Hi to Black Jack and Bill. :)

  11. I loved the wood ducks and Bill is looking very fetching in his new shorts. How thoughtful of Bill to carry your camera bag.

  12. I love the Wood Duck love story! And as always, I enjoyed the story of your day! Phyllis

  13. Great series! Hi back to Black Jack! I love the goose and the pretty wood ducks.. Cute shots of your Bill too.. .I am just catching up after being away. Thank you for sharing your post with Saturday's Critters.. Have a happy day!