Sunday, May 18, 2014

Our Saturday in Vancouver, as described on Sunday

I'm linking up with Sundays in my City to give you a run-through of our fine day yesterday.  

I looked up as the Aquabus passed under the Granville Bridge.   It was taking me to Granville Island to meet Mary Putt.
 This busker was expending enormous energy to attract an audience.
 Some children responded, but I'm afraid he went home a bit disappointed with his earnings.
Mary (on the left) has faced enormous grief over the past year, losing her dear granddaughter, Lilee-Jean to Cancer.  Yet, she thinks of her friends, and continues to visit other children and their parents still battling the disease.  She has a great smile and a warm, warm heart.  She and Lilee-Jean's time together was far too short, but my goodness, what a rich relationship they had.  Yesterday, I met one of her friends, Theresa, and enjoyed a good chat with the two of them.
 A couple celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary just happened to come by.  They are from Mary's home town, and it was fun to share a few stories with them as well.
 Meanwhile, the busker did all he could but his act fell flat and I was sorry for him.  
 The pigeons circled above, in skies that ranged from..
 sunny to cloudy and just about everything between.  I bid Mary and Theresa good-bye, did a little shopping in the market and then headed back under..
 the bridge to have lunch with Bill at home. 
 For any of you who are feeling a bit discombobulated with all of my topsy-turvy photos, here's a slightly more normal perspective :)
 Bill and I went out later for our afternoon walk and were so happy to see Tupper.  Tupper (named with a combination of "tail" and "up") has been limping and we've seen far less of her later.  I've been sad about that, but try to remind myself that this is part of nature's story.  I would add, though, that every bit of garbage we discard should be dealt with in a way that doesn't endanger our wildlife.
 Yesterday, we thought her limp was not quite so severe and she seemed more energetic.
 She followed us as we passed by the vegan food truck, 
 and did her best to let us know she would like more of the salmon dog-treats we were feeding her.
I believe the problem is in her left leg; its angle seems to be slightly off.
Here, she sits on the truck that pulls the vegan wagon.  The caption made me smile.
I worry about her..
 as she flies low over the traffic..
 but enjoyed our visit with her yesterday so will put the worry aside and remember the fun.
After lattés and treats at Harrison Galleries, we headed home, stopping on the way to purchase the food that we use as treats for Black Jack and Tupper.  Black Jack is pretty good about sharing.  Bill has been insisting on carrying my camera bag for me lately and he wouldn't give up the treats either.  I was left with one small dog, one camera and a great big smile as I took his picture.
 Later in the day, we walked along the False Creek walkway and saw this young eagle.
I'm thinking it had something in its talons, but my camera wasn't quite able to capture that.  It did do a pretty good job of showing the teamwork of a seagull and a crow to fight for what I suspect may have been one of their offspring.
The crow was never far off..
 and whenever it needed a break, the seagull took over.
 High drama that I felt privileged..
 to witness.
 Like small missiles, both the crow..
 and the seagull were relentless.
 As we walked, the mottled sky..
 and then, these sweet whippets..
added beauty to the surroundings.  Meet Jersey (below)..
 and that is Pizza on the left.
 One more shot of Pizza.
 After that, Black Jack had a run that brought..
 a great big grin to her face 
 Nearing home, Bill brought my attention..
 to some gorgeous hanging baskets..
 and we also spent some time admiring the work of children..
 who, I know, are worried about our planet.  I've been thinking a lot about that lately.  These kids are onto something.  I feel sure of that.  Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  I'm sorry that I haven't provided any links in this post to the people and places mentioned, but perhaps, that will be okay for today :)  Do take a moment, if you can, to stop by Sundays In my City, though, as Unknown Mami works hard to allow us to share our good times via that meme.


  1. loved the pups and that you got to spend time with your friend(s). i hope tupper is on the upswing, again. and i loved the juvenile eagle! lucky you!

  2. A busy and full day for you Carol. Your photos took me right along with you.....under bridges and in the skies with an eagle, crow and seagull. I do hope Tupper is OK. I feel like I know him now. It is difficult to separate the 'wild' from the domesticated isn't it. I am sure Tupper doesn't. He has gotten to 'look' for you and Bill and BlackJack for his treats, which I am sure will help him in his recovery with leg can be crazy 'out there' I am certain.
    Thanks for the walk Carol, always good to catch up with you guys and with Vancouver.

  3. What a nice day and beautiful pictures Carol. I love the birds and the dogs shots. Thank you also for stopping by :). Have a great week ahead!

  4. These photos are incredible. I'm especially impressed with the eagle and the birds in flight.

    Thanks for visiting, so that I could discover your niche of blogland and bring you past 100 followers. Woohoo!

  5. What a full day. So many stories to tell.

  6. This was a great post. I love the shots of the bridge and I'm quite fond of the children's artwork.