Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fences, Ups and Downs and Cats

It's a long one, folks.  I'll link this up with the memes, Good Fences (thanks, Theresa!)  and with Look Up, Look Down (thanks Debbie!) but there will be other stuff thrown in.  If you love cats, we saw a lot of them yesterday in just a short walk.  Couldn't leave them out.  And Bill, Black Jack and I make an appearance as well.  Just the way this blog is sometimes :)

The first 12 photos here are from Monday.
Looking down the ramp to admire the fences at the David Lam ferry landing.  
Looking back up the same ramp.. 
to more fences.
I was going to post this to yesterday's "T" meme but forgot.  Looking up through the tide tracker at David Lam Park.  The other side says "The moon circles the earth."
Some of you might remember we had been to a movie and we're coming back across the Burrard Bridge.  We stopped here to look up and over the fence at the Seaforth Armoury and the Molson Brewery next door.
 I hope the 40 million dollar cost of upgrading/expanding will be worth it.
 I took some time to admire.. 
 the unique.. 
 decorative features..
 through the fence.
The brewery does a tour (link above) and though Bill's and my beer consumption might be limited to one or two a year, I think I would like to learn more about this building I have passed so many times in my travels over the bridge. 
 Looking through the fence here at a tall crane.

Wednesday Walk
We looked down from the False Creek wall to see a young seal.  I enjoyed seeing the ear,
 the eyes,
 and the heart-shaped nose.
A cormorant looked indignant, maybe because of the seal, 
 and took off (Where's the head?)..
leaving a trail of splashes behind. (Phew, there it is!)
 We've been watching this coot for a while but had lost touch.  Great to see him/her again.
 Still looking down, a young seagull..
 peeked up at us.
We left the creek and walked uptown.  Red/orange flowers are a challenge.  This was my 2nd effort to get this one with a less "blown-out" look.  (Term learned from Shiprock.  His page on Flickr is well worth a look.  His inspiration was a huge factor in my addiction :)
On our way to Harrison Galleries for lattés and cookies, we looked wa-a-ay up to locate the very insistent call..
of this White-crowned Sparrow.  
On Sunday, we had looked at the Yaletown Caboose that I blogged about here.  At that time, I told you I thought we might go back to see if we could get inside to have a look at its interior.  Well, it was locked up solid.  Bill has wondered when he read the blog post why the caboose was painted a dark chocolate-brown instead of red, like the ones of our youth.  We realized yesterday as we looked up the step to the caboose, that it was indeed red.
 We could see lots of little bits of red showing..
and when we looked way up over its doorway, there was evidence that a bird or birds had tried to build a nest there.
 I think they should have left the red colour, don't you?
 At least the wheel (steering?) is still red.  Or, perhaps orange.
I've photographed the work of Bill Schwarz quite a few times.  This work sits over one of our favourite tables at Harrison Galleries.  Since texwis has started her fence meme, I think of her every time we look at it.  Do balcony railings qualify as fences?
After delicious treats and an incomplete but stimulating crossword, we left the gallery to walk along Homer Street.  We looked down at the the sidewalk and I wondered if other cities also put leaf prints in the cement.  Poor Bill knocked his leg with the bicycle pedal a day or two ago.  I've done that too.  Have you?  It hurts! 
We walked a bit further and saw Scout, a cat on a leash.  (#1 cat of 4 in a short walk)
Black Jack has the cat-chasing instinct in her so we kept her well away (could just barely fit her into the photo), but Scout ..
wasn't even the tiniest bit nervous.  I had difficulty getting the photo because she came right up to inspect my camera.  Such a beauty.  A rare Bengal, we were told. 
From there, we passed Contemporary Art Gallery and I asked if we could stop in for a few minutes.  This is the work of Kevin Schmidt.
This is also his work, as is..
this.  I have just found his link and will explore it further.  Fascinating for sure!
Below, you see the tools of Kevin Schmidt's trade in making his captures.  Note the parachute.  Bill took this in much more quickly than I did.  I really do want to learn more, now that I have an inkling of understanding about his process.
We left the gallery, but stood looking in the window as Bill explained his understanding of the artistic process.  I realized we could see our reflections..
and loved the feel of Bill beside me as i asked him to step into the light.   Still, no matter how close he came, his reflection stayed just out of the light.  Do you see Black Jack?  And the person walking by?  I loved looking at these photos this morning.
 To my sister, check out the ring.  It is always with me.
 Steps from the gallery and we looked up to see #2 cat of the day.  We were told that he is "always" there, but I guess we forgot to look up before.
 When I stopped to look at him, he lay back.  It took me a minute to realize he was hoping..
 for a massage.
 So, what are you waiting for?
 What's that dog doing there?
 Oh, I see she has a bit of a problem with my presence.
 Oh..  oh..  oh..
 rolls eyes..
 Tell your dog to settle down.  I'm just here for the massages.
 Are you sure?
 Surely, you have some ulterior motive.
 I really do need to come up there.
 Now, let's get down to the important stuff.
 No?  Well, I'll just go over to the other side where you can see that..
 I really do need some help with this itch.
 See, that's the spot you need to help me out with.
 Bill: "Well, this is all very interesting, but it's past supper time."
 Get your priorities straight, fella!
 Massage first..
 camera inspection next.. (Carol: "Yikes, he's licking my lens filter.")
 No?  All right.  I'll go find someone who understands a cat's needs.
 You're leaving?  Why?
 Where did that cat go??
 I reluctantly followed Bill who was now half way down the street :) but stopped to take this fence for Texwis..
 and then the three of us thought a few moments in Emery Barnes Park would surely at least not offer the distraction of cats.
 Wrong again.  Cat #3 appeared out of nowhere. 
 Another very friendly cat ..
with an interest in my lens.
 Hm..  does your dog have a problem?
 This fellow saw me taking the cat's picture and asked if I would take his as well.  He stood up and posed determinedly.  It's not the sort of photo I would normally include in my family-friendly blog, but there was something vulnerable in his need for the accessory to create an image he felt would interest me.  He was a part of our walk.  I still think about him.  I hope he and the cat (no connection between them) will be okay.
 I've shown this collection of tiles before.  This time, i thought you might like to see them as we looked down for a more zoomed out perspective.
 On the way out of the park, these blossoms (Jim, could these also be a witch hazel?)..
and cat #4 caught my eye.  
 This one was part of an ad for a radio station.  I do like the caption :)
 Last stop before home - Grace Building at 499 Drake Street.  Wonderful fences and gates.
Lots of opportunity to look up..
 to see unique touches..
 and did I mention.. 
 the gates..
 and the view through the archway?
 And, the two ladies on either side of the tower looking down at us?
 And, the detail in the side of the building as we looked up?
 The fence as we rounded the corner also caught my eye, but then ..
Bill spotted another woman between the tree branches.
 I thought she was looking down on us but after zooming in, realize she may have been looking up, perhaps to ask for the well-being of the building inhabitants.
Thank You to each and every reader! I hope you may check out the fence and/or the "look up, look down" links.  Enjoy your Thursday.  That's an order :)


  1. pretty gates. cute cats - especially that large 2nd one. :) yes, i'd say balcony railings are very GOOD fences. :) and i liked the reflection shots of you, bill and black jack. :)

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    Have a good day,

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