Friday, May 16, 2014

Oranges and Ups and Downs (#3)

Most of the photos today will either contain some orange or will peer at things above or below the mid-line. I appreciate the blog memes Orange You Glad It's Friday (thank you, Maria) and Look Up, Look Down (thank you, Travel with Intent) for the ways they have added to my world view.  

This one was forgotten last week.  A girl with her bike had stopped for a snack beside these flowers along the False Creek walkway.   
I bet you think I asked this girl to dress up for me, but no..  she was just walking..
through David Lam Park and I couldn't resist taking a couple of shots.  (I'm addicted, I know.)
Bill with Black Jack, walking along Homer Street in his new shorts.  See the orange? 
 Bill noticed these.  The building is nondescript, to say the least, but..
 someone had gone to a lot of trouble to beautify the top balcony.
I learned a little about gargoyles from Gillian, of  P.S. Whimsey.  She is an artist with wonderful powers of observation and an insatiable curiosity to delve into the world around her.  Her collection of cards featuring her renditions of gargoyles is fascinating.  I admit that I haven't totally come to terms with the menacing posture and demonic expression of this gargoyle at 499 Drake Street, but then, that is the whole point, isn't it.  Along with the function of directing water off the roof and away from the sides of the building, it is also supposed to scare away any nasty demons.  I have learned from Gillian to respect its beauty.
 Looking down from one of our favourite tables at Harrison Galleries.
 We walk by Chintz several times a week.  Here was the "looking up" view on Wednesday.
Emery Barnes Park is close to our apartment and a wonderful spot to enjoy a range of nature and city pleasures.  The fountain has become home to a mallard pair.
I noticed our shadows as we looked up this trough towards the fountain..   
and thought Black Jack should be included as well.  See the orange?
 As we left the park, I looked up.. 
 and then, down, into this exquisitely delicate tulip.
 On our way home from that walk, we again looked up at 499 Drake Street.  If you look way up with me, you might detect a sculptured lady.
 I was using my 50 mm lens, so even the close-up is pretty far away.  I don't know her story.  Perhaps someone will fill me in.  I do know she has a twin on the other side of the building.
 I brought my gaze back down to notice this orange bike parked at the corner..
 before a final "up" shot to catch another of the building's gargoyles.  I am always struck by the juxtaposition of contemporary and historical designs in this structure.
 On Wednesday evening we rode our bikes past the Cambie Bridge and stopped here.  Bill climbed down to the water's edge with Black Jack..
 while I inspected a few of the flowers..
and their inhabitants.  The middle flower on that stalk of three has a bee inside it.  
 I was able to get really close to it with my small lens.
 These were the first wild roses I had spotted this season.  Their aroma is divine.
Yesterday, we rode our bikes over the Burrard Bridge to see the movie, Locke.  Although I would concede that it is not a movie for everyone, I have to say that I loved it.  This review is one that comes close to expressing my thoughts about the movie.  I remember thinking as I watched that it could well have been a radio play, and then rejecting that idea because Tom Hardy's expressions are vital to the enjoyment of the film.  I took this screen shot of the dashboard's orange lights..
and of the view of city lights seen from the car, perhaps distorted by tears.  Here are a few words from that review: 
Locke's a sympathetic, though flawed guy, a rationalist (that surname's no coincidence) stuck in a situation that has no rational resolution, a practical problem-solver who's forced to confront a problem with no perfect solution.

Most other single-actor (or nearly so), single-setting films ("Wrecked," "Buried," "Frozen" [2010]) eventually wear out their gimmicks, but "Locke" never does. It's a fascinating instance of a filmmaker working with self-imposed rules, but never forgetting that those restrictions are only worthwhile to the extent that they serve character and story. It's a ride well worth taking.

We made one stop as we rode homeward across the Burrard Bridge.  You can see the Granville Bridge off to the right and downtown Vancouver on the other side of False Creek.
 Just a little bit of orange in our downward view.
 Dearest Bill, ever patient, holding my camera bag.
 One orange taxi almost got away from me :)
The bridge has been under construction for a few months as bike lanes and car lanes undergo some changes. Orange and construction seem to go together, but even the bus..
 and its driver seemed willing to play along with Orange You Glad It's Friday.
 And, just in case you missed them earlier, Bill's shoes enjoy the game too.
These last photos were all taken last evening.  Getting out for both afternoon and evening outings is a luxury I really appreciate, now that our daylight hours are extended.  Bill held this branch still so that I could catch the centre of the bloom.
 There are many more people enjoying the park lately.  No wonder!
 The tide was high..
 and the skies dotted with clouds and faint bits of orange.
 I asked Bill to look down, just so I could get him into the shot :)
 Looking up and looking down echo each other.
We looked down to see this Canada Goose pair..
 and just in front of them, the Time Top sculpture.
 Some Dragon Boaters..
passed under the bridge.
 It took on an orange hue as daylight faded.
One final up and down look and then home to read a few more pages of People of the Book (we read aloud to each other, but lately, Bill is doing most of the reading).  We're almost finished it.  More about that another day.  Thanks for stopping by.  Perhaps, you will take some time to check out Orange You Glad It's Friday and Look up, Look Down before you leave.  Have a wonderful Friday, everyone.   


  1. the watery reflections are just marvelous! that orange bike just HAS to belong to that girl in the orange dress! :)

  2. The girl in orange reminds me of Raggedy Ann come to life. Perhaps she had that role in a play. I can see that Bill has certainly gotten back on his feet and bicycle pedals. As I learned recently it takes some getting used to ... negotiating around all that Vancouver traffic!

  3. I like so many things here - the fountain, the reflections of the bridge and the skyscrapers! A lovely series:)

  4. I enjoyed all the pictures, so many oranges and up and down captures. Love the getup of the girl, amazing!

  5. The girl cracks me up, as my daughter would say. Gutsy. Great orange shots. xo Jenny

  6. What a fantastic selection of photos. I love the orange girl and the orange bikes. But I think my favourite is the gargoyle. Thanks for joining the challenge.