Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tanti Tatonnement (Worthwhile Trial and Error)

I'm thinking of the letter "T" today for ABC Wednesday (thank you to Denise, Roger, Leslie and the rest of the team!) and since a good part of this post is about birds, I will also tie-up with Wild Bird Wednesday (thank you, Stewart!).  They are both terrific memes and I am tickled pink to be able to share a taste of life in Vancouver with the people who read them.

At this unusual-words-that-begin-with-T site, I found two theme words that relate to my trial and error effort to get a close-up flying shot of a Red-winged Blackbird.  Here are the words I learned this week:

1. tatonnement - experimentation, trial and error
2. tanti - worthwhile

But to start at the beginning, yesterday's bike trip with Bill and Black Jack took us to a little spot past the Cambie Bridge where we had previously seen seven goslings with their parents.  I don't know if this is the same pair, but they had only one yesterday.
The positive spin on that situation is that the lone gosling..
appears to be thriving.
We continued on to an area that was the Olympic Village site in 2010.  We have enjoyed that spot a few times lately, but yesterday was the first time I really saw how much work has gone into making it bird and wildlife friendly.  I've wanted, for quite some time, to get a dramatic shot that perfectly highlights the brilliant red and yellow in the wings of a male Redwing Blackbird.  Don't get your hopes up too high; that goal wasn't achieved yesterday, but my tatonnement (trial and error) was definitely  tanti (worthwhile).  At first, it seemed as if only the females were willing to approach.
Though I find them every bit as beautiful as the males, 
it was that elusive red that I really wanted to bring out.
There were quite a few blackbirds around, but I came close to throwing in the towel on catching them in flight.  It was lovely to see mallards,
the reflections of apartment buildings in the swamp had a certain appeal,
and the discovery of this play tunnel was a lot of fun (W, I think you would love this) but still I couldn't stop trying to achieve my original goal.
I'm pretty sure this female was making a delivery to a nest, and thought a male might arrive..
but I had to consider sweet Bill, who was taking care of Black Jack, holding my camera bag, trying to spot Redwings and generally catering to my every whim so that I could achieve my goal.  His temperament is very patient and there wasn't a word of complaint from him, but I was feeling twinges of guilt for sure.  
We both loved the flowers (I would be thankful for help identifying any blooms in this post), 
this winged creature.. 
was entertaining..
and even this telary (of or pertaining to a web) photo brought me much pleasure..
but my heart was set on that open-winged shot.  This one came so close.  Definitely tanti!  But, not in focus.
I watched this male for a long while, 
certain that it would fly off that wall.  (This one is for you, W, because it made me laugh.)
He finally obliged, but once more, the focus wasn't there.
Back to.. 
the extraordinarily beautiful.. 
It really was time to go when I spotted this male so I promised he..
would be my last shot of the day.  Oh, so very close! Just a little more detail in the face and I think I would have been pretty satisfied.
He did settle very nicely for this perched shot..
but went from there to behind some twigs, and I knew I was going to have to call it a day.  The good news?  i can't wait to go back for some more toil and tatonnement very soon!  My deepest thanks and love to Bill for encouraging my every passion!  Thank you, as well, to those of you who have found time to visit the blog.  If there are a few more spare minutes in your day, perhaps you could visit ABC Wednesday and Wild Bird Wednesday.


  1. love those bright epaulets! sweet blooms and reflection shots, too!

  2. I love learning new words! Thank you! Tremendous hugs for you both!

  3. Great colours!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  4. Flowers are lovely Carol. The bee is great added touch. Wonderful redwing shots! We are watching the goose families here on our lake too...the number of goslings diminish by the day, sadly.

  5. HI I really enjoyed hearing about your bike ride and all that you saw a along the way. the birds and flowers were terrific and of your Bill and Black Jack are wonderful.

  6. TRIAL AND ERROR - that's my life!

  7. A more than valiant effort here, Carol. Your photos of the male Blackbird got better and better! Nice job.
    I do know that the last four photos of flowers are all Climatis. And the first flower (under Bill and Black Jack) is, I believe, a Witch Hazel blossom.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  8. Lovely reflections and wonderful shots.

  9. My, you are persistent and definitely particular! That's why your photos are all perfect. (I know it isn't 'P' day but these words all came to mind). Don't know any of your flowers today. My problem is that I majored in Natural History --in England! -- so I'm often out of my depth over here, but when we took a group from our church to England a few years ago they were very impressed with my knowledge of the birds, trees and flowers. My 15 minutes of fame :)

  10. Oh that blackbird is striking. What a gracious gent for posing so nice for you. You two have the nicest adventures.

  11. Oh wow, I am just amazed at your photography! Every one of your photos is a beauty :)

  12. Lovley birds ,flowers and the dog .I was visiting Vancover 8 years ago ,a very beutiful place .I like your blog and i think i come here very often ,greetings Nette in Finland

  13. Love those shots of the Red-winged Blackbird.

  14. You did it!!!! So often these birds get overlooked and it's great you followed both male and female. Looks like a really nice trek outdoors.

  15. All your shots are TERRIFIC! I just love seeing the city as you see it.

    abcw team

  16. These are such great pics! Congrats for your hard work :)