Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Enjoying Vancouver

Yesterday, Bill, Black Jack and I were out and about on our bikes.  There is definitely something about riding that invigorates and replenishes the spirit.  We both felt it.  

This field is near Science World.  It was the perfect place to let Black Jack out of her basket for a free run.
 Her tail is normally curled tightly.  I don't think I've ever seen it point straight up like this.
 One ear up and a great big smile on her face.
We continued a bit further and I caught this White-crowned Sparrow preening a feather.
 "Can't you see I'm very, very busy?"
 We sat on a rock for a few minutes absorbing a bit of the action on False Creek.  Bill noticed this deflated Zodiac, an unusual sight.
Only Bill would look at me for this big-lens shot.
Later, I took Black Jack for a walk near our Yaletown apartment.  Tupper has no fear of my big lens and no fear of Black Jack.
 I loved this crow's turned-in toes and blue highlights..
 "Treat please, and make it quick."
 "Am I your favourite or not?"
"Have you noticed me?  I can come a little closer".
I didn't know this dog, but s/he was curious about my crow/seagull friendships.
Where are you going?  Come back!
This morning I rose early, hoping to see the sun rise.  Tupper was our first sight of the day.  I wonder where she spends her nights.
There was little drama in the sun rise but the subtle shades were enjoyable.
Some lovely white tulips,
the circle boulders,
shafts of light finding the buildings, 
and a few pale pinks..
became a bit more visible about an hour after sunrise.
It was a tranquil..
start to my morning. Do you have some time to stop by Our World Tuesday? It's a great place to see the world without going far at all.  Happy Tuesday, everyone.


  1. The last photo of the city and reflections shows the magical side of Vancouver perfectly. And you certainly hit it out of the park in this post, Carol, touching on all aspects of your theme bikes, birds and beasts … hopefully cute dogs can be referred to as beasts?!

  2. love little black jack and tupper, too. lovely shots, carol.

  3. I just loved seeing Black Jack having so much fun, Carol! I also enjoyed the birds too ~ I am a bird lover. Have a great day!

  4. A great photo journal trip. I especially loved the tulips and what looked like a boat of rocks in the forefront of the cityscape.

  5. Thanks so for taking us along on this wonderful ride and walk. Love the city scape pictures.

  6. Fun little series-your dog does loook happy! I like the reflections of the city buildings- especially the last one-

  7. So many beautiful pictures, but the smile on your dog's face is priceless!

  8. I haven't seen any white crowned sparrows this year. We have only moved a mile away from our previous home but it seems our new habitat is not theirs! We used to have dozens of them. Bill is looking so well -- our prayers must have worked.

  9. Great shots Carol, thanks for taking us along with you!

  10. Lovely to see Black Jack expressing his joy with his whole body. The last shot with reflection is terrific.


  11. Great selection of images but the last one in particular is stunning. So sharp