Friday, May 30, 2014

Orange themes around me

A small disclaimer:  No business has ever asked me to post about them.  The places mentioned on my blog are the ones that give us enjoyment in our day to day comings and goings.

This week, for Orange You Glad It's Friday, I celebrate orange shades in art at Harrison Galleries, in a flower display at Urban Fare, in the café, Shiué (Yaletown location), that fortunately for us not only serves wonderful coffee but is pretty much in our back yard, and in one sweet brown dog that approached me yesterday.  We also need to tell you about crossword #6 that we managed to complete yesterday.   
The Crossword 
Our last success was six days ago. I think we're getting better :)  Bill poses in front of the orange-brick wall at Harrison Galleries where we enjoyed lattés and treats yesterday.
The Art at Harrison Galleries
This oil on canvas is by Mark Heine and is called Starboard Tack.
I wasn't able to find this on the Harrison web site, but it looks a lot like Paula Blackwell to me.
This oil on canvas is called Tranquil Sunrise and is by Olaf.
Flowers at Urban Fare
It is amazing to me how many different orange flowers there are.  A little time with google only showed me how much I have to learn.
I didn't manage to identify..
the first three shown here, 
but a young girl working on the floor at Urban Fare kindly named this one for me.
It is called Protea and it stood out among many spectacular orange blooms.
I'm not kidding when I say that Sciué is in our back yard.  We don't even have to cross a street to go there, and it has become a regular stop in the mornings.  You will find this café mentioned in my blog before, here and here.
This is Jeremy.  Would you believe he is a UBC music student and just finished his third year?  I happened to catch him on his first day at Sciué and knew he would be a keeper :)  That he really cares about giving good service is never in doubt but the bonus is his big smile.  Yesterday, he told me that he has been hired to play trumpet for the musical, Shrek, at Theatre Under the Stars this summer.  That is truly exciting news!
I have never had bad service at Sciué.  They are busy, busy, busy.. pretty much all of the time (I caught them at closing time yesterday), but there is clearly some fine management happening because the lattés and food are consistently excellent.  Here, Jeremy..  I am tall, but he makes me feel short.. poses with Micole (centre) and Gema.  Look at those smiles!  
As for the colour orange, well, let's just say I think they do Orange You Glad It's Friday proud!
And, here is Meike.  She has made many a wonderful latté as well.  She was on her way home yesterday, but stopped to give a warm smile that I am happy to share with all of you.  Because I took these photos as the end of the day, I've missed a few staff members that I enjoy seeing in the mornings, but I hope to include them in a post in the near future.
I haven't tasted the special pizzas because of my vegan lifestyle (my lattés are made with almond milk), but they are one of many reasons why the café is always full.  
Micole, Jeremy and Gema doing the end-of-day chores.
I could probably have found..
lots more examples of orange at Sciué (not sure who did this art piece but I like it)..
but the orange umbrellas,
orange signs (if you are a soccer fan, this is a great place to watch the games), 
and even the passing tour bus on Davie Street got into the "orange" act yesterday.  
As I walked back through the Roundhouse Plaza, this dog walked pretty much right into my camera. I admit my charm may have had less to do with that than the treats in my pocket :)
Check out the orange highlights (even in his eyes!) and the perfect bandanna to celebrate Orange You Glad it's Friday.   Thank you from the bottom of my heart to each star in this post and to you, my much appreciated readers!  I hope all of you enjoy every precious minute of this beautiful Friday.


  1. oh, that sweet lab! be still my heart!

    glad you did another crossword! :) love the 'rockin' the orange' t-shirt. :)

  2. I LOVE this colour, Carol! And you have captured it beautifully here.
    The second flower of the first three unknown ones is a Bird of Paradise....almost looks like a bird.
    Sounds like a good shop/cafe/pizza joint with great staff too!
    Yes, that Lab sniffed your treat alright (not that you are not charming!!!) Sophie has this Lab trait behavior down to a tee!! lol

  3. Love love love that coffee shop. Now I know what's missing from my neighborhood ! Wonderful pics of it and the rest of your day! I enjoyed it all.

  4. Wonderful colors , exquisite flowers ! Nice photos ! Magnificent oil paintings !

  5. Enjoyed reading about your slice of life...Love the dog portraits♪

  6. That's a lot of orange finds in a very small space! Maybe they use orange to warm the environment a bit during cold temperatures. You already gave wonderful appreciation to these service people by putting them in print. Their smiles look real sincere. And i love the paintings as well.