Saturday, May 24, 2014

Critters, crossword #5, Street Art and Rebelinx

Bill and I kept an eye out for critters yesterday, with the memes Camera Critters (thank you, Misty!) and Saturday's Critters (thank you, Eileen) in mind, as we went about our day.

Black Jack, our sweet (most of the time) critter says a demure "hello" first.    

There was a cormorant at the top of the sculpture in False Creek,
 and an eagle high in the sky,
 being chased by..
 by a crow.
 Bill spotted this mallard,
 swimming steadily toward us.
 A bee's sideways stare as it "swam" over the top of california lilacs made it look like a fish.
 Bill and I completed newspaper crossword #5.  We don't cheat, and we don't complete most of them in the time it takes to have latt├ęs and cookies at Harrison Galleries.  This one was the first since last Saturday.  Each success is celebrated, albeit shyly :)
 Last evening we attended an exhibition of street art at The Roundhouse.  I believe this one is called "Owly" by Indigo.
 I couldn't find a title for this one but I believe it is by Sherri.
 We took Black Jack for a walk between events and enjoyed the Canada Geese..
 in evening light and against pebbly backgrounds.
 Then we returned to the exhibition where this t-shirt inspired an actual conversation with the wearer and many smiles.
I loved seeing this event and hope to return to some of my thoughts about street art, but hearing Rebelinx was a highlight last night.  I first heard him practicing under the Burrard Bridge, and have known for a long time that he will make his musical mark on the world.
 He plays with passion..
 and his personal responses to the saxophone's voice..
left me deeply touched.
 I hope you will check out the great critter links at the top of this post, but you may want to check out the one to Rebelinx as well.  I thank critter lovers and art lovers and music lovers and blog lovers too.  Have a peaceful and happy weekend, everybody.


  1. sweet birds and critters! always happy to see the crossword completion! the mallard drake is a handsome fellow.

  2. Many critters, art and I love the music. More than I bargained for when I came over here ... such a deal :)

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Your critter hunt was most enjoyable to see, Carol. I really liked your shots of the Canada Goose.
    I bet the saxophone sounded great.
    Have a wonderful weekend Carol......hello to Bill too!

  4. HI Carol Thanks for taking us along with you and showing us all that you found. A great mix of shots. Love the fun shot of shy Bill, the lighting on the Canada Goose,the flight shots of the Eagle, the wonderful colour on the Mallards head and the great shots of the man playing the saxophone. Would have been good to have had a little bit of video of him. Have a great weekend.

  5. A great series, Carol! Love your sweet Black Jack. Cool captures of the Eagle and crow. And pretty reflection shot of the duck.. Thank you for sharing your post on Saturday's Critters.. Have a happy day!

  6. I loved the photos of Rebelinx, Blackjack, the mallard and of course, puzzling Bill.

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