Thursday, May 8, 2014

Share the Joy

Two posts in one day!  What am I thinking?  Well, I guess i want to share a little of the joy of a fun walk with Bill and Black Jack yesterday.

First, there was Tupper.
 This is how she earned her name.
Then, there was a beautiful blue ball.
 And, an energetic young person who hoped to retrieve it by creating a splash behind it.
 I thought the plan might work.
 But, sadly, the ball continued on its way..
 in spite of a second try by another person from this group.. 
 of FUN people.  I could only get half of them in the shot with my big lens that I had been using for Tupper, so I..
 took another shot to catch the people on the right.
Then, they helped me out by getting up close and personal.  I LOVED the attitude!  They brought laughter to our day.
 I hope the ball will find a good home..
 just like this dog, Buddy.  No time to change the big lens,
but Buddy's sweetness.. 
 came through.  He has only been with his new humans for three weeks.
 He is one of the lucky ones to escape the fate of most ex-racing greyhounds.
I can feel his joy.  Can you feel mine?  You can read about some other joyful moments at this Share the Joy link.  Thank you for stopping by today!  I love sharing the good times.  


  1. good luck to buddy in his new home!

  2. What a joyful and happy post. Loved the one of all those smiling faces.

  3. Oh the joy, Carol! I can hear it in your voice and words and as well in all those young faces!
    Thanks so much for sharing this special moment.