Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy Blue Monday!

We rode our bikes to Stanley Park yesterday and I kept an eye out for blue.  This photo is the only proof that we biked rather than walked.  I'm linking up with Blue Monday (thanks, Sally!) so I've put it first to help you feel the mood, but it was actually taken during a short stop on the way home.  If you're checking blues here, I hope you didn't miss Bill's eyes :)
Here we are at the park.  Bill entertained Black Jack while I..
tried to see Blue Heron chicks in the nests.  It should have been easy.  There was a din of chick-chick-chick all about, but I guess they're either too small to be seen over the nests, or they've grown so large, they're being confused with adults.  Adult or chick below?  Not sure.
This one stares at me every time I go.  I think s/he is saying, "Forget those young things.  I'm a far more interesting sight with my steel-blue highlights and wise countenance."
 We didn't stay at the park for long but capturing some heron chick photos remains on my back burner.  I followed Bill through the West End streets, loving the quiet beauty all around us, feeling happy that he is such a good navigator on his bike and wishing I could ride and take photos at the same time.  We stopped for lattés and treats on Denman Street and then headed homeward.  A stop by the California Lilacs (shown in the first photo)..
 gave me a chance to capture some cyclists way above us on the Granville Bridge,
 while Black Jack did her goofy impression after a nice roll..
in the grass.  Then, she curled up in her basket and enjoyed the ride home.
 After supper, another walk brought out the blues around False Creek.
 There are some wonderful flowers by this fountain.  The blue ones, I'm guessing, are a type..
 of iris but they're smaller than the ones I usually see. 
I kept zooming in, closer and closer, 
 obsessed (yah think?) with..
the beautiful detail in their patterns.
 As we looked over the gate by that fountain, Bill suddenly spotted Mrs. Mallard.
 She seemed to have come out of nowhere and it was fun to watch her..
 nonchalently climb the steps. There she is, posing for me at the top of the 3rd set of stairs.  
I noticed the roses on the left and sat Black Jack on the wall by the steps so she could smell them too.  Instead, she took the opportunity to remind Bill.. 
 that she loves him.  "There," she seems to say.  "The important stuff is covered."
 We stopped to look down at a different fountain on the way home..
 and I had fun playing with our reflections.
 Bill put rabbit ears over my head, but one of them blended into the shadow to turn me into a unicorn :)
 This is right around the corner from our street, but neither of us had noticed it before, and..
 we both thought it lovely (even with no blue in sight).
Back to a blue theme as we looked across the street and realized (for the first time though we thought we must have discovered just about everything about this area where we live) that we were seeing the back of that fountain with the steps.  Who knew that was even there?
 Bill thought we should take a closer look so we crossed the street and admired the fountain from the top.  The steps where the duck had walked are..
 just over the edge of the green space.  Lovely blues here..
 and to the left, some beautiful flowers that we used to be able to name.
We'd be happy if you wanted to jog our memories a little bit.  The flowers camouflage a garage underneath.  The designer of that  building has an admirable ability to create beauty where one would least expect to find it.
Turn right around this corner and walk past a couple of buildings and we will be home.  I don't know why I felt compelled to photograph..
this, but at least there is blue in the sky..
and reflected in the windows to keep everyone aware that Blue Mondays are a good thing!  Perhaps, you will find time to stop by Sally's meme and wish her well.  She's been undergoing some therapy for a recent injury that I hope heals up very soon.  Have a happy, happy week, everyone!


  1. lovely skies in many of these! black jack is so darn cute. loved the blooms you found, too.

  2. The best part of your day, at least from my perspective, is those stunning blue irises!

    Looking Forward to Your Visit at The Blue Door

  3. Hi Carol,

    It's true: blue is all around us; we see it all the time. You and your blue-eyed husband were nice to share this trip with us. Thank you.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  4. The blue iris are delightful! I have some similar in my front garden. I loved the little mallard taking his shower--so cute. You have such a beautiful place to take long walks. It's so nice you see something different each time.

  5. Lovely series of shots as always, Carol. The irises are also at their peak in my neck of the woods. They can be seen in many local gardens. A tall thin yellow variety is often seen around marshlands. Your close up shot shows so clearly how the veins in the petals stretch out like tree branches. I have always been partial to this more delicate version of the flower.

  6. What a beautiful fountain area! All that stone work!
    I believe those long blue blossoms are Wisteria. Look at all of them!! We celebrate when we get a half dozen or so!
    The Iris look to be what we call 'Flags' here.....they are a wild version.
    Thanks Carol for the walk. Bill looks great! As does Black Jack.
    A good week to all three!