Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our World Yesterday

Yesterday, I rode my bike over the Cambie Bridge on the way to MEC (Mountain Equipment Coop) to buy Bill some new summer clothes. The good news?  Bill now has two new pairs of pants, one capri length and the other that convert from shorts to long pants by unzipping them below the knee (my sister's suggestion and a great one).  Two new shirts as well!  One of them bright orange.  Yay!  I'm linking today to Our World Tuesday with many thanks to the fine team that keeps the meme running so smoothly.   

The Cambie Bridge has a fine walking path and bikeway.  Here I stood at the centre point looking towards downtown Vancouver as I headed homeward after shopping. 
 This photo shows lovely False Creek on the left, a tiny bit of landfill that is almost like an island pretty much dead centre, a bike path with some pleasant greenery, and then quite an ugly lot with cement blocks and space for parking to the right of that.  The best and worst of big city life, I guess.  
 That bit of land that juts out is well used.
 I've walked a few times along its shore and through its pathways.  
 The city seems far away; one feels in a different world.
 As I stood looking over the bridge, the man you see in the chair passed me.  He said, "A great day for crab hunting."  I asked if that was his plan and he replied that he wished that could be true but he didn't have a boat.
 After Bill tried on his new clothes (everything fit and he was even okay with the bright orange shirt!), we headed out for a walk together.  Even on busy streets, 
people have taken time to create beauty around them.  Bill and I seemed to remark almost..
simultaneously on the flowers shown here.
 Later in the day, during a quick outing with Black Jack, I met Jimmy and..
Mimosa.  I am finally getting their names straight and still have to go back to make some corrections on my older posts.  Though we only meet during our dog-walking excursions,
I consider Jimmy and Simon (below) to be friends.  We live a few minutes away from busy..
downtown Vancouver, but the sense of a caring neighbourhood is all about us.  Simon is holding MacKenzie.  (Spellng correct, Simon?)  
 I didn't ask the name of this gentleman but he was playing absolutely beautiful..
 classical guitar.  I sat for quite a long while listening to him and enjoying the moment.
Carefully shaped nails on the right hand, filed to perfect smoothness, are the mark of a musician who really cares about the quality of tone produced.  
The nails on the left had are cut very short.  I was so very grateful for this impromptu concert and for the privilege of taking photos!
 I spent a few minutes admiring a cormorant with shaggy eyebrows..
and could swear s/he watched me almost as intently as I did him/her.
After supper, Bill modelled his new clothes..
 and played with Black Jack.  Aren't they a fine looking pair?
 Again, it seemed Bill and I were on the same wavelength.. 
 as we admired..
 the blooms about us.
This is in the centre of The Roundhouse Turntable Plaza.  It is a ridiculously expensive structure that has turned out to be quite useless (in our opinion).  There used to be a canopy over it but it didn't protect performers from the rain and was eventually removed.  
Still, it's fun to photograph :)
We laughed a lot last night as Bill played with Black Jack.  Sorry for the poor focus, but I've cropped this photo down to try and show her one-legged dance.
 You can see a section of The Roundhouse here.
But, best of all..
were Bill's antics!  I love that he makes life so much fun!  Thank you, dear readers, for stopping by!   Our World Tuesday will take you to more adventures around the world.


  1. lovin' the elvis shake at the end! glad he likes his new duds! lovely blooms and great to see your neighbors/friends again. :)

  2. What a beautiful world you're living in. It seems heaven on earth.

    Thank you for coming and dropped by in Stockholm...

    I enjoyed browsing and seeing your world. Hope to see you again, in Sweden.

    Happy Tuesday.
    /CC girl

  3. It's nice to see what life is like in your part of the world. Great fun photos of hubby and Black Jack, and your neighborhood friends..

  4. Fun post!! Boom, Bobbi and Gary.

  5. This was a thoroughly enjoyable tour. Thank you, BJC. I have fond memories of trips to Vancouver. My Mom was born in Alberta, and Grammy lived in Vancouver. Such a great city.

    I laughed at that Roundhouse structure. It does appear to be a waste of hard earn tax dollars, but there's so much worse in this great country.

    Have a great day.
    I'm happy for our recent connection.

  6. Talk about regaining balance! Steady as she goes, Bill, you look like you could take off and fly. :)

  7. Your life is certainly not boring! Love that purple and red flower - it reminds m of a wagon wheel. And a free performance from Bill!

  8. Lots to do at your zoo. The pup looks happy as can be too. Wow, Bill has great balance lol

  9. Great to see you all having fun, beautiful shots Carol. Blach Jack is sure a talented gal

  10. GO Bill GO!!!!!