Sunday, May 4, 2014

Tony, of Star Pets Only

This is Tony of Star Pets Only.  It is barely a five-minute walk to his shop.  Black Jack and I love our visits there to buy her food and other supplies.  Tony always has a friendly smile and lots of great advice about dogs but about other things too.  Like photography.  He truly takes an interest in every customer.  I never forget the day that Black Jack had a kind of choking fit and I was terrified.  There was no vet close enough but Tony was just closing up shop.  I carried her into his shop and set her down on his counter, just as you see below.  He took Black Jack in his arms, calmed her, gave her treats, and in the end, she was just fine.   
 No live beings are sold in Tony's shop.  He sells only healthy foods and treats and as you can see..
he makes time to share a laugh with Bill too.  We appreciate Tony and his shop.  Sundays in my city (or any other day) wouldn't be the same without him!   If you have the time, hop on over to Unknown Mami's blog meme to read about Sundays in other cities around the world.


  1. looks like a great place with a wonderful, friendly, caring owner. :)

  2. He looks so friendly and a genuine animal lover.

  3. What a wonderful shop to have nearby


  4. I agree, looks friendly and surely animal lover....

  5. Awww, that's so nice. Would love to have a shop like this near by.
    Thanks for sharing,

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